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Name Amogi
Description The Lemon (also known as the Amango), one of the many Amogi-filled artworks throughout the canvas.
Location Various
Creator Various

Not to be confused with the bigger Among Us figures, usually decorated with obscenities, made throughout the canvas. Many small Among Us crewmates, referred to as Amogi, were placed throughout the r/place 2022 canvas. Originally starting near the bottom of the canvas on the first day, the design became prevalent due to its simplicity, and the characters were hidden in the grand majority of major artworks. Though some groups embraced the Amogi invasion, others did not, and efforts to stop the invasion were made.

A full analysis by u/PitsPower of all Amogi placed, showing the top 10 by frequency, as well as all instances of Amogi sorted by combinations of size and orientation.

An analysis by u/PitsPower has counted a grand total of exactly 2000 Amogi across the entire canvas.[1]

Amogi taxonomy

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