Arknights Text

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Arknights Text
Name Arknights Text
Description 3D Style text of Arknights
Location 981, 117
Area 266 pixels
Atlas ID twxh7k
Creator Arknights

Arknights Text is the name given to the text "Arknights!!" in blue with dark blue shading which gives it a 3d look. Situated at (981,117) with an area of 266 pixels, it is the longest surviving and earliest artwork completed by the Arknights community. Through the duration of r/place 2022, the artwork went through many design changes as a result of many factors.


The original plan for RI logo.

The very first plan for an artwork by the Arknights community was posted to the subreddit on April 1, 10:24 AM (UTC-4) which depicts a 93x84 Rhodes Island logo in black and white. The logo features a rook enclosed by a triangular outline in the background and the Rhodes Island text on the bottom. The location chosen to build this concept was around (324,48).

The plan for a shrunken RI logo.

The second plan after a failed first attempt was a small rook on a dark blue triangle with an orange background. The chosen site to build this concept was around (968, 113). This was later moved right by a few pixels, color lightened to blue and the text r/AK being added to the left of the symbol. A final revision for this plan called for a very small Amiya (character from the game) to be added to the left of a shrunken r/AK text, Reunion symbol to be added above "SP 2" and the rook symbol to be moved right by a few pixels again.

With the first expansion of the canvas, Arknights members started to expand the current territory to the right with plans to make the full length of the subreddit name and a few more character faces. This also meant that the rook had to be removed. Due to streamer Elraenn wiping out the newly claimed space, the design would be changed to feature just the small Amiya and text "Arknights!!". One major change was made after the final expansion of the canvas, the small Amiya was demolished and the land granted to the small Polish flag.


Early Attempt
The very first attempt at creating the original concept.

In the first few hours of the canvas, a small amount of members from the r/Arknights subreddit attempted to build the black and white Rhodes Island logo near (324,48). The border of the triangle was finished 3 hours after the canvas began with it being smaller than planned. Work began to secure the triangle from the corners by turning it black. This was never successfully completed however. The Netherland flag clipped the top of the triangle during their flag expansion and eventually the rest was wiped out by the Nordic Union. This failure was largely due to the size of the planned build being much bigger than what the small amount of members participating could viably build. As well as the location of the build being in the way of larger communities. One glaring mistake from the early build was the fact that the triangle was not symmetrical which was never able to be corrected.

Current Work
The 2nd attempt under construction.

After the failed first attempt, the second attempt called for a much smaller and simpler Rhodes Island logo relocated to (968,113). Now with a dedicated discord server to coordinate this, the build was able to be recognized 9 hours after the canvas began. During the construction, the VR Chat and Tetris community began to build in the vicinity with much more members. Seeing this, a representative was sent to negotiate with them which resulted in an alliance forming between the communities. Arknights was combined into their plans, which saw the logo moved a few pixels to the right and text saying "r/AK" (shortened name of the subreddit) was added underneath Tetris. After 11 hours since the canvas opened, the first iteration of the combined artwork was completed. This version of the work remained unchanged and mostly untouched for another 12 hours. April 2, 05:38 (UTC-4), Arknights made contact with the r/CLTV community below and was reassured that they would not expand upwards even though they were missing an ear, thus marking the start of a non-aggression agreement.

On April 2, 08:17 (UTC-4), a small Amiya was announced to be put in the space occupied by the "r/AK" text while making the logo and text smaller. This was greenlit by the VR Chat and Tetris community who assisted with the project. 2 hours before the first expansion, a Reunion logo was added above the "SP" text. Around April 2, 12:15 (UTC-4) 27 hours after the canvas opened, the canvas expanded right. Immediately, the Arknights community was tasked with expanding the area. The expansion began quite successfully with large areas being captured by the Arknights, Tetris and VR Chat communities. Plans for a small Exusiai and the full subreddit name was approved. This meant that the current rook had to be demolished and the text "r/Arknights" spelt out through it. All changed after the demolition of the rook and "r/Arknights" text completed. Twitch streamer Elraenn cleared out everything in the new area to build a portrait of the Atatürk which marked the end to the plans. Thus, the text was changed to just "Arknights" and "!!" was added by and unknown group but was kept.

Throughout the 3rd and 4th day of the event, there were many attempts by multiple groups to expand the Pooh ear through the Arknights text. The r/CLTV community who is in a non-aggression pact with Arknights did not claim responsibility for these attacks. Many theories on who was responsible for these attacks was created as a result. Theories such as rogue members, random redditors and improperly configured bots were thrown around. While some of the attempts were confirmed to be rogue members, the other theories could not be definitively proven. On April 3, 19:18 (UTC-4), it was announced that the small Amiya would be demolished to allow for the expansion of the small polish flag (not related to Poland). That would be the last modification and the "Arknights!!" text is present on the final canvas.


Pooh Ear Expansion

Throughout the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of the event, there were multiple attempts to expand the pooh ear from the art underneath into the Arknights text. During the first expansion attempt, the Arknights community representatives asked the r/CLTV community about the violation of the non-aggression agreement but they denied any involvement in the attempted expansion. Thus, the attempted invasion was generally agreed to be from random groups of redditors and was successfully defended. Subsequent invasions prompted further investigation from the Arknights community but was blamed on incorrectly configured bots and rogue members. The group responsible for the pooh ear expansions was never found and all invasions were successfully repelled.

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