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r/china place
Name r/china place
AKA Chinese Place Group
Description Group of Mainland Chinese dissidents protesting for trafficked women and democracy in China against the Chinese Communist Party
Subcommunities r/doubanGooseGroup,r/CLTV,r/china_irl,r/Xi_Jin_Pooh,r/ADV_China
Subreddit china_place
Discord China place
Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xuzhou_chained_woman_incident
Artwork The Chained Woman in Xuzhou

A group of Chinese dissidents united to raise awareness of human trafficking in China, especially trafficked women who were 'owned' by men to be their 'wives'. The discord group created for r/china_place also gradually became a loose coalition of individuals interested in Chinese democracy with members from all over the world such as from r/ADV_China or general unaffiliated members that found r/china_place through r/place posts.


r/doubanGooseGroup, a feminist Chinese subreddit created r/china_place to make The Chained Woman in Xuzhou artwork upon hearing of r/place. Later on, interested members of r/china_irl and r/CLTV joined in.

Early Troubles

r/china_place was one of the first subreddits to join in r/place when it started. Once they could enter r/place, r/china_place created a rough face shape near the center-right of r/place for the face of the Chained Woman artwork. However immediately afterwards, trolls started taking over the artwork, drawing a body, modifying the face to look like a man and adding a penis to the body. Other unaffiliated individuals came in and thought this was the original intention or that we were drawing Putin and kept drawing the naked man despite r/china_place's efforts to stop this. As well, a huge tidal wave of the Ukrainian flag was fast approaching and soon devoured the naked man. r/china_place then decided to work with r/CLTV officially and move to near the top-right corner as it was relatively unoccupied and out of the attention of most of the other subreddits. They successfully started and was able to finish drawing the artwork with the support of r/CLTV and kept to this location even after the several enlargements of r/place which led to r/china_place's artwork ending up in the top-center of r/place.

Relationship to r/CLTV

Initially there was a pledge between r/CLTV and r/china_place that there would be no fighting and that each subreddit's artwork would be next to each other as there had been previous feuds between r/doubanGooseGroup and r/CLTV. As some of r/china_place's members were from r/CLTV and there was intense expansion and interference from other subreddits in the beginning of r/place, there had been a pact established between r/china_place and r/CLTV for protection and development of their respective artworks. Thus r/CLTV was instrumental in making and protecting the Chained Woman artwork and in turn r/china_place would help maintain r/CLTV's artwork. r/CLTV had not officially joined r/china_place but r/china_place could represent r/CLTV when it came to making certain decisions on allies, expansion and choosing what artwork to make because of their shared interest in protesting against the Chinese Communist Party. However at times this relationship was strained as members of r/china_place and r/CLTV feuded over their ideals.

Relationship to r/Xi_Jin_Pooh

There had been a reddit post to r/place to draw a Winnie the Pooh artwork that closely resembled Xi Jinping, the current leader of Communist China and the Chinese Communist Party. Both r/china_place and r/CLTV were very interested and and participated heavily in drawing this artwork and joined the r/xi_jin_pooh subreddit. As well, later on r/HongKong's place group joined in to draw a pig image representing the HongKong protestors who protested for democracy.

Wars with Azerbaijan

Members of Azerbaijan's place group or some Azerbaijani streamers frequently attacked both Armenia and Georgia's place groups even though Armenia and Georgia did not want to fight and were far away. As Armenia and Georgia were our close neighbours and we had pledged an alliance, r/china_place frequently supported Armenia and Georgia in their defence against Azerbaijan. However later on Azerbaijani streamers and bots wiped out Armenia and Georgia as well as many small communities south of r/china_place's artworks and thus r/china_place fought along with r/place NATO and the Nordic Union in an unsuccessful effort against Azerbaijan and help reclaim Armenia's territory. Later on after a talk with an ambassador from Azerbaijan, r/china_place and Azerbaijan pledged a non-aggression pact as long as Azerbaijan promised to no longer wipe out smaller communities nearby and let those smaller communities keep their art.

Relationship to r/zodiac_place

There was a pixel art design of the Chinese zodiac posted to r/china_irl with some interest from that subreddit. As work on the Chained Woman in Xuzhou artwork was done, quite a few members of r/china_place decided to organize and start working on the Chinese zodiac design with the support from members from other subreddits and r/place discord groups who were interested in East Asian images and artwork. After several failed attempts in which the artwork was repeatedly wiped out, r/zodiac_place managed to finish off and protect their artwork to the very end. r/zodiac_place is independent from r/china_place but r/china_place has in the past supported or protected r/zodiac_place's artwork.


Mutual Defence Pact (between Taiwan, Republic Of China, Hong Kong Place, Korean Place and Zodiac Place) - r/china_place supported Pact members like Hong Kong Place if they were being attacked by streamers/bots and also r/china_place members participated in helping construct some of the artwork for members of the Pact.

Allied with Armenia and Georgia (the country)'s place groups and supported them in their fight against Azerbaijan.

Supported the Place NATO Alliance in defending their members but did not officially join.

Non-Aggression Pacts

Non-Aggression Pact with Azerbaijan after fighting an unsuccessful war to reclaim Armenia's territory

Non-Aggression Pact with Arknights and the small Poland flag although rogue members or r/CLTV often attacked them, r/china_place tried its best to contain r/CLTV

Current status

The Discord group and the r/china_place subreddit have been disbanded to avoid detection of Chinese Communist Party Web Police and to protect the privacy of r/china_place's members who can be jailed for protesting and participating in this artwork.

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