Pokemon in r/Place

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Pokemon in r/Place
Name Pokemon in r/Place
Description Community based on building sprites of Pokemon.
Artwork Piplup, First Ditto, Second Ditto, Mew, Goomy, Arceus, Vaporeon Beach, Bidoof, Minccino, Wooper, Lucario, Furret, Chatot, Swablu, Kanto Trio, Dragonite, Sylveon, Wartortle,Pokeballs

'Pokemon in r/Place' is an independent community based on building sprites of Pokemon, it is focused around the Discord server of the same name.

In both r/Place events, almost every surviving Pokemon sprite was either started by, or later incorporated into, the Pokemon in r/Place community. Exceptions are usually limited to micro sized sprites less than five pixels wide, or projects managed by other Pokemon communities (such as Mystery Dungeon's Victini).



In 2017, the community largely grew through grassroots organizing and outreach. Users would find other Pokemon sprite projects, and reach out to their people to invite them into the Discord server. In 2022, this strategy was supplemented by being included in the official r/Place 2022 coordination megathread.[1]

This combined front for recruitment allowed the server to balloon to over 1,000 members, significantly larger than what the community achieved in 2017.

However, still without the number of members necessary to browbeat or ignore other communities, success in 2017 and 2022 was achieved through server-wide cooperation, cross-community solidarity, and effective diplomacy.

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