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Place2022 BidoofFinalCanvas.png
Name Bidoof
Description A sprite image of the Pokémon Bidoof smiling.
Location (569, 1480)
Area 1296 pixels
Atlas ID tx852n
Creator Pokemon in r/Place

Bidoof is an artwork created by the Pokemon in r/Place Discord for the 2022 r/place iteration. Located in the 2nd expansion at the coordinates (569, 1480), it depicts the Pokémon Bidoof smiling.


Bidoof originates from Pokémon, one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time. Bidoof was introduced in Generation 4. A Normal-Type Pokémon, Bidoof is one of the most adored Pokémon in the franchise.


The artwork is a large sprite of Bidoof. They have four black webbed feet, and most of their fur is a light/dark brown, with a cream underbelly and fur surrounding their face. Bidoof notably has a heart-shaped red nose rather than a circular one. The background is a mixture of purple and blue.


To be added.


Bidoof had a major alliance with H3H3 Podcast, where both communities defended each other’s artwork from numerous attacks. As a sign of their friendship, the H3H3 Master Ball was created between the two.

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