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Name Arceus
Description A sprite image of the Pokémon Arceus on a green background.
Location (1658, 538)
Area 333 pixels
Atlas ID tx6nbz
Creator Pokemon in r/Place

Arceus is an artwork created by the Pokémon in r/place Discord for the 2022 r/place iteration. Located in the 1st expansion at the coordinates (1658, 538), it displays the Pokémon Arceus on a green background.


Arceus originates from Pokémon, one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time. Arceus was introduced in Generation 4 with Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. A Mythical Normal-Type Pokémon, they created the game's region, Sinnoh, and possibly the entire Pokémon universe. By nature, many consider Arceus as the "god" of the Pokémon world.


The artwork depicts Arceus in their sprite form. They have red eyes with green surrounding them along with a pink blush. A spot of gold is shown at the front. Golden hooves can be seen at the bottom of their pointed feet. Towards the back is a gold wheel-like pattern. The background is a simple green pattern with a lattice resembling the Green Lattice. A few of Arceus's allies, such as the White H, Red A, and Pachi reside within' the background's confines.


To be added


The following helped maintain/defend during the runtime of the event.

  • White H
  • Red A
  • Enigma the Pachi
  • The Sun (OneShot)
  • DGG
  • Neptune and Dogoo (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
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