Vaporeon Beach

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Vaporeon Beach
Name Vaporeon Beach
Description A sprite image of the Pokémon Vaporeon on a beach background.
Location (1986, 1286)
Area 715 pixels
Atlas ID tx6nbz
Creator Pokemon in r/Place

Vaporeon Beach, nicknamed Vappy, is an artwork created by the Pokémon in r/place Discord for the 2022 r/place iteration. Located in the 2nd expansion at the coordinates (1986, 1286), it depicts the Pokémon Vaporeon lounging on top of a pink towel at a beach.


Vaporeon originates from Pokémon, one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time. Vaporeon was introduced in Generation 1 with Pokémon Red/Blue. A Water-Type Pokémon, it evolves from Eevee using a Water Stone.


The artwork depicts one of Vaporeon's sprites in the games with a flower adorned on her ear. She is standing on a pink towel with a piña colada in front of her. The background is a simple beach design, with a pink beach umbrella and the ocean visible behind her.


Early History

Initially, Vaporeon was attempted to be built on top of an area at (1945, 750) on the second day. This was difficult, however, due to other groups in the area, most notably a Brown Pancake, which the team had to build underneath at the start. Both parties joked about creating "Cakeporeon" - a Vaporeon with a cake on its back.

A very early concept of the Vaporeon art.
A very early concept of the Vaporeon art (transparent reference).

The first two sprites used for the Vaporeon build were much larger, and were therefore less manageable to build for a small team. After a few attempts and little success with maintaining the build, the art was scaled down to a smaller sprite - the same one shown in the final art.

Even after a major alliance with EarthBound and a minor alliance with Genshin Impact, no good push was ever made to build the bigger pixel art reference, due to lots of random pixel placements in the area.


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