Orange Juice Juice

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Orange Juice Juice
Name Orange Juice Juice
Description A group of friends that met through Maiden & Spell
Artwork OJJ Orange

Orange Juice Juice (OJJ) is the name of a group of friends that met in the competitive Maiden & Spell community.

r/place 2022


OJJ Orange

Main article: OJJ Orange
The initial orange

The first and only contribution of OJJ as a group, the orange was created right below the osu! Logo. It was completed at 09:36, and lasted virtually untouched for the rest of r/place. The letters "OJJ" were added around 35:56, and each "J" received an additional pixel by 49:46.

Both the text and orange were intact for the Great Whiteout.

The orange right before the Great Whiteout



OJJ maintained a equal alliance with the Avatar community for every day of r/place.

The border pixel (745,785) between the OJJ Orange and Avatar Logo was a constant annoyance for both communities, sparking negotiations. OJJ was given control of the pixel, and both sides promised to defend each other from potential threats.


The OJJ Orange was on the osu! overlay template for every day of r/place.


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