OJJ Orange

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OJJ Orange
Name OJJ Orange
Description An orange with a white border and the text "OJJ" above
Location (740,783)
Atlas ID twvxbt
Creator Orange Juice Juice

The OJJ Orange is a random orange created by the members of Orange Juice Juice.

It is located to the bottom right of the osu! logo and survived all four days of r/place.

The main colors used are yellow, orange, and white. A single pixel of brown represents the stem, while light and dark green form the leaf.

r/place 2022


The initial orange

The orange began taking shape on the first day at 06:50 and was shifted to the left starting at 08:13 to avoid overlap with the Avatar Logo to the right. The orange was completed at 09:36.

The letters "jim" were written above the orange at 22:30, but faced opposition from a group trying to change them to "KT" instead. OJJ initially supported the former faction, but later decided to make the letters "OJJ" and completed them by 35:56. Each "J" received another pixel at 49:46.


The orange was never wiped out, and damage was generally minimal whenever it happened.

A periwinkle background was completed around 38:33 during the xQc attack on the area above osu!. Only a single pixel of the orange and two pixels of the text were affected by the attack.

A group trying to change the "OJJ" to "104" attacked the letters starting around 78:47. This group outnumbered the members of OJJ, but the alliance with Avatar paid off as reinforcements turned the tide. The 104 gang gave up by 79:52.

Final Result

Both the text and orange were intact for The Great Whiteout.

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