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This article is about the osu! artwork. For the community, see r/osuplace.

The osu! artwork is the logo of a popular rhythm game by the same name. The logo was for the most part maintained by a discord server originally made for the first 2017 r/place event that had since been archived, but was then restarted upon the announcement of the 2022 event.(Cite discord)

/r/place 2022


The artwork was planned to be created at 727, 727 (a number that holds importance within its community) and would be 101x101 in size (Cite discord). Construction would be done with the help of a spreadsheet listing the positioning of each individual pixel, which would eventually turned into the use of an overlay extension that would display small dots on top of the tiles showing users what specific color tile to place. A design change occurred after the canvas expansion adding gamemode icons and triangles to the logo.

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