Mr. Robot + Rassicas Alliance

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Mr. Robot + Rassicas Alliance
Name Mr. Robot / Rassicas Alliance
AKA r/MrRobot / Rassicas Alliance
Description The alliance formed by the merger of the r/MrRobot and Rassicas factions on the second day of r/Place, and their many alliances
Subcommunities Mr Robot r/Place Discord,Rassicas
Allies Deep Rock Galactic,1G SQUAD,Chicago Cubs,The Seed,Breaking Bad,Steins Gate,Costa Rica,r/Splatoon,Vegan,r/Esperanto,r/PathofExile,r/OneShot,r/SkyPlace,The Swarm,r/Kurdistan,Milwaukee,Brand New Animal
Subreddit MrRobot
Artwork fsociety, Mr. Robot mask, hellofriend

The Mr. Robot / Rassicas Alliance, also known as the r/MrRobot / Rassicas Alliance, was the faction of r/Place 2022 formed by the merging of the Rassicas faction with the Mr. Robot r/Place Discord server, responsible for three art pieces on the board as well as a large number of alliances. Counting all three of the alliance's art pieces as well as the allies they shared direct borders with, their territory spanned roughly 23,791px2 across the entire canvas when r/Place 2022 ended, and they had many other allies they did not share borders with whose territory is not included in this number. Including their disconnected allies, this number increases to roughly 31,974px2, or if we are to include the The Void, roughly 45,997px2.

Among their notable victories during r/Place are an almost immediate recovery from an xQcOW raid in the upper-right quadrant of the board that destroyed the Mr. Robot mask on the third day, managing to successfully hold back the void for the entire third and fourth day, forming a defensive wall between it and a significant number of pieces using their piece hellofriend, and successfully defending the Flag of Kurdistan along with Brand New Animal and Milwaukee during the final hours of day four.


Day 01: 01 April 2022

The alliance did not exist on Day 1; see the page for the fsociety_ text for Day 1 history.

Day 02: 02 April 2022

The Alliance was formed on the second day, when Ellie (known to the Rassicas faction as 'Squid'), reached out to the Mr. Robot r/Place Discord server for help trying to build the Rassicas faction's art piece, the Vernba head, since the Mr. Robot logo was nearby. However, unbeknownst to them, the Mr. Robot faction had actually been trying to expand their piece upwards to add the Mr. Robot mask above the logo, and so the two sides had been in an accidental build war.

Upon realizing what had happened, the Mr. Robot r/Place Discord urged the Rassicas faction to build their piece in what they had been told was an abandoned part of the Flag of Costa Rica. However, due to the ongoing war between Costa Rica and Spongebob's nose, as well as a lack of coordination between members of Costa Rica which ultimately led to the Mr. Robot mask being left uncompleted, this was unsuccessful, and the Mr. Robot r/Place Discord pledged to help the Rassicas faction rebuild somewhere else on the third day, as long as members of their faction helped build and defend the existing Mr. Robot art pieces.

It was at this moment that the alliance was born, as the Rassicas faction for the rest of the day would help defend the Mr. Robot mask from attackers. Notably, at one point Spongebob's nose attempted to extend into the mask; the Mr. Robot faction responded by not only holding their ground, but by also steering the nose in a different direction with their own yellow pixels, an early example of the Mr. Robot faction's signature use of social engineering tactics.

As these events were ongoing, the Mr. Robot r/Place Discord was also at war with r/xiuxiu, who similar to the Rassicas faction had tried to build above the Mr. Robot logo; in another show of social engineering, they held back r/xiuxiu's attacks by stalling that faction's leader by engaging in a long, deliberately confusing discussion on how they could set up instances of the Reddit Place Script 2022, the r/Place bot that most factions were using since it was publicly available.

Also on the second day was the formation of the alliances with the Chicago Cubs and the Seed, who both were able to hold out in territory otherwise governed by the Megaman Accords until the xQc raid on the third day, during which they took heavy fire and then were completely overtaken by the rebuilding of the Flag of Israel. The Chicago Cubs fled, and although the Seed almost managed to rebuild, they also disappeared soon after.

Day 03: 03 April 2022

After the second canvas expansion, the alliance started building the hellofriend text, establishing themselves in territory otherwise belonging to the final location of The Swarm, the organized faction for the void. They attempted to build the Vernba Head as an extension of the hellofriend text, but faced with the inability to do so, the two sides of the alliance reached a compromise, to build a smaller Vernba in the lower-left corner of the Mr. Robot mask.

TODO: Events between these two paragraphs

Later in the day, after the area around the hellofriend text had become less volatile, r/xiuxiu coincidentally tried to remake their piece yet again near alliance territory, this time near the large robot head that was originally planned to be above the hellofriend text. An agreement was struck, and r/xiuxiu found their final home, where they persisted until The Great Whiteout.

At the same time that this was happening, due to this area of the canvas being less volatile than during the first attempt to build the Vernba head, the small Vernba was abandoned and restored back to the Mr. Robot mask, and the full-size Vernba head was quickly established to the right of the hellofriend text. However, this was not without a minor build war against Banjo and Kazooie, who initially were trying to build on top of the northern border of the Vernba head; this mostly consisted of them placing brown pixels corresponding to Banjo's backpack and being repeatedly pushed back.

Later in the evening, xQc raided the upper-right quadrant of the board with black void pixels, decimating the Mr. Robot mask and several surrounding pieces. By this point, the alliance had figured out two key things: the most important thing to do during an attack is to hold your border, not your entire art piece, and concentrated attacks, be them from streamers or from The Swarm, were impossible to resist while they were ongoing, but incredibly easy to respond to after they ended. With this knowledge, they almost immediately recovered their territory, as did their nearby allies, r/PathofExile and r/Esperanto, as well as r/PathofExile's ally r/Cubers. Costa Rica, who they were also allied with, recovered first and almost immediately due to their massive manpower compared to all surrounding factions.

It was during this time that the alliance was able to significantly expand its influence on the board, allying with Vegan r/Place, r/Esperanto, r/PathofExile, r/OneShot, and r/SkyPlace. Indeed, the hellofriend text actually formed a defensive wall that, for the last 20 hours of r/Place, defended many pieces from attack, most notably Pogging Niko and the other r/OneShot pieces in the area, the r/SkyPlace piece Mothalisa, and r/OneShot's allies LOFI and r/EBM. It was during this time that a speech bubble tail was added to the hellofriend text connecting it to Pogging Niko, in order to signify their alliance.

As mentioned, originally the hellofriend text was going to have a large robot head above it; the alliance persisted on trying to build the large robot head long into the night of Day 3, during which the Flag of Kurdistan attempted to set up in the lower-right corner, above the hellofriend text. Ellie, who had since become one of the alliance's main diplomats, reached out to the Kurdistan faction, and negotiated that they move three pixels to the right, so the flag would not overlap with the planned robot head. However, they found themselves spread thin between attempting to build the robot head as well as defend the flag against concentrated attacks from both The Swarm as well as r/Kurdistan's main enemy, r/Turkey, and so r/Kurdistan fled, attempting to set up over the right half of Brand New Animal, and were not seen by the Alliance again until hours before the end.

Day 04: 04 April 2022

Early in the morning of the fourth day, an alliance was negotiated with The Swarm, the organized faction for the void. However, while this protected the hellofriend text from organized attacks, and indeed the server for The Swarm would after this point reject many proposals to attack the hellofriend text, it did little to defend them against randoms.

Thus, given the onslaught of randoms trying to expand the void, as well as people attempting to build in the area, it was decided that the full-sized robot head above the hellofriend text was untenable in the time that was remaining. Believing r/Place would likely end at 10-11 AM, around the time of the board expansions, the alliance decided to instead build a small robot head as an extension off of the side of the hellofriend text. This was built quickly, albeit it provoked an immediate reaction from The Swarm. One of the alliance's diplomats to The Swarm quickly explained that they had given up the space above the hellofriend text in favor of the smaller robot, which they felt was a fair exchange given they were conceding far more space to the void than they would have otherwise.

Despite this, the alliance had great difficulty keeping the robot head on the board, finding it repeatedly besieged by the white diagonal lines that formed in the void around this time, and eventually decided to give up the territory, at least until the void was less active, falling back on their tried-and-true strategy of holding their borders until such time they could rebuild. However, they wouldn't have to wait long to rebuild, as only an hour later, the Spanish streamer Auron descended on the void, splitting the Void Mother along its midsection with a banner for his Minecraft RP server and video series, Tortilla Land. This led to the entire lower half of the void being overtaken with a mixture of new art as well as flags, and while the void did eventually return, the hellofriend text as well as the robot head managed to survive until the space was retaken by the Flag of Ecuador, the Flag of Guatemala, and the Flag of Bolivia, forming a defensive wall that protected hellofriend for good.

At the same time as the fight for the small robot head, the Vernba head found itself under threat; to their right, various FIRST Robotics teams were creating small pieces consisting of their team numbers, and GRR 340, already having extended into the background of the Vernba head, was not content with what they had. In an attempt to build their entire team logo, they started trying to overtake the Vernba head, needing to be repeatedly pushed back. However, members of the alliance noticed that GRR 340 was starting to defend their territory with dummy Reddit accounts, and fearing an escalation of force that could lead to an all-out war with the FIRST Robotics teams, Ellie began reaching out to active Reddit accounts placing pixels for GRR 340 as well as Ranger Robotics, until she managed to reach a member of GRR 340 and negotiate a ceasefire; GRR 340 would stop attempting to expand over the Vernba head, but the Vernba head would share its white border with the border of GRR 340.

In addition to these two events, it was during this time that the alliance was made yet again aware of the Chicago Cubs. Having fled their location on the Flag of Israel, the Chicago Cubs had since had difficulty holding down their territory, and so they decided to reach out to their allies for aid. Ultimately, the alliance proposed a solution: the Chicago Cubs would relocate to directly underneath the robot head, changing their color scheme such that the red border around the robot head, the Vernba head, and hellofriend could be extended around them, communicating to nearby pieces that they were under the alliance's protection. Unexpectedly, other art pieces who noticed this also began extending the alliance's border as well despite not being allied with them, seemingly attempting to confer their protection onto themselves. This was a largely successful tactic, as two of the three pieces that did this managed to in fact survive until the end.

Ultimately, in the last hours of r/Place, Ellie decided to reach out to the r/Kurdistan faction to see what had happened to their former neighbors, and found them sandwiched between Brand New Animal, Milwaukee, Yuru Camp, and the Taskbar, seemingly more established than they had been on night three, but still under heavy siege from the Turks. Reaching out to the rest of the alliance, she managed to rouse a group to defend the flag, but noticed that Yuru Camp kept trying to extend over their border. Looking at the accounts placing pixels, she realized that the Yuru Camp faction had been hijacked by the Turks, who were attempting to exploit their placement to try and extend them over top of the Flag of Kurdistan as part of their efforts to remove the flag from the canvas. She attempted to reach out to the Yuru Camp faction to no avail, but was able to contact the Brand New Animal and Milwaukee factions, who pledged their aid. At the same time, members of the alliance began to set up bots to defend the flag, and the alliance, BNA, and Milwaukee were able to together defend the Flag of Kurdistan and keep them on the canvas until the Great Whiteout.

Ultimately, r/Place ended with the alliance's art pieces having only two incorrect pixels, one on the fsociety_ text and one on the Mr. Robot logo, and through their effort they managed to also defend many other art pieces in many locations all across the board.

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