Moon Lord

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Moon Lord
Name Moon Lord
Description Moon lord is the final boss in vanilla Terraria and was added to r/place ever since the 2nd day began.
Location 1775, 360
Area 7911 pixels
Atlas ID 000047
Creator Sodapoppin, r/Terraria, and the Terraria discord server

The Moon Lord is the final boss of Terraria.

r/place 2022


The Moon Lord was added to the second canvas area on the second day by Sodapoppin.


The Moon Lord was, remarkably, never directly attacked by any streamers or The Void. It lasted mostly untouched for the entirety of r/place 2022, though it was griefed to hold baguettes in both of the Moon Lord's hands on the third day. There was also a minor invasion from a community trying to build BoJack Horseman on top of the right elbow.

Final Result

The Moon Lord remained intact until The Great Whiteout.

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