German Boy and Dutch Girl Kabedon

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German Boy and Dutch Girl Kabedon.png
German Boy and Dutch Girl Kabedon
Name German Boy and Dutch Girl as anime characters
Description A German boy shoves a Dutch girl against a wall
Location (1335, -433)
Atlas ID 3901
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Creator PlaceDE, PlaceNL

The German boy and Dutch girl characters were a collaborative art piece meant to symbolize the cooperative relationship that the communities of PlaceNL and PlaceDE developed in the course of r/place_2023. It was completed around 18:00 GMT on July 25th, and remained until the Great Whiteout.


During the third edition of r/Place, the communities of PlaceDE and PlaceNL had collaborated on several other pieces before these characters came about. See the German-Dutch Yin-yang, the German-Dutch Bicycle, the German-Dutch Poland Balls, and the German-Dutch Picture Frame articles. This pixel art can be considered the culmination of that mutually beneficial partnership; only being completed shortly before the whiteout of 2023.


Kabedon (Japanese: 壁ドン; kabe, "wall", and "don", "bang") in Japanese media is a means of expressing romantic love or adoration[1]. The seducer leans over the object of their desire by placing their open palm on the wall behind them and reducing the distance between themselves, but making no physical contact. Kabedon has garnered recognition in the Western world through media such as shōjo manga, otome games, anime, and cosplay. When Kabedon is performed in the West, it's usually meant as an expression of meme culture.

The Characters

The artwork referenced by the pixel art is a panel of the manga Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)[2].

The boy was dressed in traditional lederhosen and wore a Tyrolean hat; this is a stereotypical Bavarian outfit, which may be associated with Germany. He held a frothy pint of beer, a reference to Oktoberfest[3].

The girl was not intended to depict Frau Antje, a mascot who advertises cheese of Dutch origin in Germany, but a link can be drawn between them[4]. She wore a Volendam dress and a Dutch bonnet. And she carried a wheel of cheese by means of a handbag.


First color draft of the pixel art.
Development Images of the German Boy and Dutch Girl Kabedon
"How our love story came about!"[5]

Development of the pixel art started with the proposal of a PlaceNL member to collaborate with PlaceDE on a pixel art where both countries are represented by manga charactersTemplate:Citation needed. Different parts of the characters were then designed by, and reviewed by several members of both communities in a continuous back and forth.

During the development phase, a suggestion had been made to crop the image above the boy's crotch. The purpose of which was to mitigate the anticipated vandalism that would take the form of phallic shapes, which are not an uncommon sight on r/Place.

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