Indie Alliance

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Indie Alliance
Name Indie Alliance
Description An alliance between fans of various indie games made to aid one another.

A thank you message at the end of the event, reposted to r/place by u/JBMagination.

The Indie Alliance was a collaborative effort between various indie video game communities on Reddit to aid and protect each other over the course of r/place 2022. It was initially formed by a joint effort between r/CelesteGame and r/OMORI, and would soon grow to encompass several dozen communities and over 900 members. The alliance was led by u/JBMagination, who initially joined from r/CelesteGame. Throughout the course of the event, the Indie Alliance helped various indie communities get onto the canvas and alerted members about incoming attacks from streamers and bots.


There were a wide range of communities that were allied and sent diplomats over to the server. A few of these were not based around video games, but simply strong allies who happened to form ties early on.