Project Funk

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Project Funk
Name Project Funk
Description A small part of the community of the game Friday Night Funkin'.
Subreddit fridaynightfunkin
Artwork Friday Night Funkin'

Project Funk is a group formed by a small part of the Friday Night Funkin' community, only containing approximately 100 users, seeking to leave their mark in r/place. Even though the group was small, they slowly started getting more organized and managed to create a couple artworks, but only one remained until the end.

r/place 2022


Friday Night Funkin' (Boyfriend)

Main article: Friday Night Funkin'

The only piece of art that survived until the end was a mural with Boyfriend, the main character of Friday Night Funkin'. This artwork was made possible with the help of RubberRoss, who decided to make it after learning that the Friday Night Funkin' community helped him a lot building the Newgrounds logo that can be found to the left of this art.



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