r/furry irl Snoo

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The r/furry_irl Snoo located in r/place 2022
r/furry irl Snoo
Name r/furry_irl Snoo
Description A picture of Furry Snoo along with the words “owo” and “uwu” done by members of the subreddit r/furry_irl
Location (912, 92)
Area 1620 pixels
Atlas ID tx66og
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Creator r/furry_irl

The r/furry_irl Snoo was created by members of r/furry_irl, a subreddit that is dedicated to memes and other such humorous images relating to the furry fandom. The artwork depicts the subreddit’s mascot “Furry Snoo” screaming, as well the words “owo” and “uwu” underneath their subreddit name. Throughout the event, the artwork had to be relocated a few times due to neighboring flags destroying the artwork, It eventually found a permanent spot on the coordinates (912, 92). It also had to be rebuilt several times due to a Twitch streamer named Mizkif telling his fans to go vandalize the artwork. In the end the artwork managed to stay on the canvas until the Great White-Out

Before r/Place

After r/place 2022 was announced, members of the r/furry_irl subreddit and Discord began to plan out what they would like to put on the canvas. Throughout the planning process, an idea was formed to put one of the furry_irl discord emotes on a QR code that redirected to the r/furry_irl subreddit, but it was ultimately scrapped due to how easily it can be griefed. Another idea was to put Furry Femboy Fox (Bean) onto the canvas, but that was scrapped too. they eventually decided to build the screaming “Furry Snoo” on the canvas, although the “heart blush” and the words “owo” and “uwu” would not be included until later on.

r/place 2022

Creation and Invasion from “The Hive Mind”

The furry_irl Snoo before and after "The Hive Mind" (Ukraine) took over

Once r/place began the furries began building Snoo on coordinates (761,157), However they only managed to only get Snoo onto the canvas and not the background, before they were invaded by Ukraine. The furries tried desperately to defend the artwork, but once the Ukraine flag reached the other side, the lower jaw of the r/furry_irl Snoo fell with all the other artworks in Ukraine’s path

First Relocation

The Second Location of the r/furry_irl Snoo, and r/yiff under r/furry_irl

After the r/furry_irl Snoo got invaded, members of r/furry_irl decided to move their Snoo up a few pixels, so that they would border with the Ukraine flag. However when they were busy fixing their Snoo, they noticed that Operation Rochambeau‘s trans flag(which was originally to the left of the rainbow flag) was expanding more to the left, which meant that it could overlap their artwork. Members of r/furry_irl reached out to r/neoliberal, with hopes of getting them to stop expanding. r/neoliberal did respond saying that the trans flag was taken over by normies and r/196, and they no longer had any control over the trans flag. In the end, the furries managed to defend the artwork from the trans flag, and even managed to gain a little bit of territory to the right, so that they could write their subreddit name. There was also an attempt from a group of people not affiliated with r/furry_irl to put r/yiff below r/furry_irl, but that was short-lived after the hearts at the Ukrainian border took it over. The second r/furry_irl Snoo managed to stay on the canvas for a few hours before the inevitable happened.

Invasion from Hungary and Romania and Aftermath

Before & After

At around 5:50 on r/place, The Hungary and Romania Flags started attacking the r/furry_irl Snoo in order to occupy more space on the map. The furries tried desperately to defend the artwork, but after 46 minutes, the r/furry_irl Snoo was fully engulfed by Hungary and Romania, and as a result, r/furry_irl members had to build the Snoo somewhere else. Later on, r/hungary built Vuk, on what used to be the Second r/furry_irl Snoo, as a result many members on r/furry_irl were happy with r/hungary for putting a furry feral character in their previous space.

Second Relocation

The Third Location of the r/furry_irl Snoo

After much heated debate, it was eventually decided that the new location for the Snoo will be (912, 92), which would be its third and permanent location. It took about an hour to fully complete the design. During the construction of the Third r/furry_irl Snoo, members of the subreddit decided to shorten the r/furry_irl word on the artwork to furry_irl because of the limited space. After the r/furry_irl Snoo was constructed, members of furry_irl, and other unaffiliated furries began to add more details to the artwork like the words “uwu” and “owo” under r/furry_irl. They also added a tongue, a second tooth, and a heart blush to the Snoo. The heart blush was originally going a three diagonal line blush, but it was changed into a heart blush by furries unaffiliated with r/furry_irl. There was also a lot of infighting between furries in this art piece, because they were having trouble figuring out what the r/furry_irl Snoo should look like. Also a member from r/CSHFans went to r/furry_irl and gave an idea on putting the Car Seat Headrest initials below r/furry_irl. The idea gained some support on the r/furry_irl subreddit, but since a lot of furries on the r/furry_irl Discord didn’t know of the proposal, it was eventually forgotten about, and the furries on Reddit weren’t able to put the initials in their artwork. The Third r/furry_irl Snoo managed to stay on the canvas for 7 hours until a certain streamer caught interest in them.

Mizkif’s Attack

Mizkif’s Perspective

The TriHard Twitch emote, the Mizkif Egg and the OTK Logo on top of the r/furry_irl Snoo

At around 14:40, Mizkif wanted to take over a spot on r/place that was underdefended. Some of his chat members mentioned that he should take over the furries, and they also pointed it out where the Snoo was. He found the r/furry_irl Snoo, but did not immediately give orders to attack. He then got in a call with BruceDropEmOff, asking him if he wanted to attack the r/furry_irl Snoo, and whether or not attacking it was a good idea. Mizkif then told BruceDropEmOff where the Snoo was. While BruceDropEmOff was trying to find the Snoo, Mizkif’s chat decided to nuke the Snoo on their own initiative, and once Mizkif saw what they were doing, he gave the approval to nuke the Snoo. Once BruceDropEmOff found the Snoo, Mizkif’s chat members and Bruce’s chat members attacked the Snoo, although Bruce didn’t order his chat to attack the Snoo. The Snoo fell in a matter of minutes, and once it was fully black, Mizkif wanted to put something on top of the Snoo.

He eventually decided that he wanted the TriHard Twitch emote to be put on where the Snoo once was. At first, he didn’t provide a reference because he thought that his chat will know what TriHard will look like, but he eventually provided a pixel reference for TriHard that was around four times bigger than the space he was building it on, because his chat was unable to make a decent TriHard. Mizkif’s chat managed to make the TriHard look a little more decent, but were unable to fully complete it, due to furry-resistance placing pixels on TriHard’s face and in the edges, and due to Mizkif sending most of his chat to help assist “The Void”. The TriHard managed to stay on the canvas until Mizkif decided that he wanted to put something else on top of the r/furry_irl Snoo

At around 17:07, Mizkif decides to replace the TriHard with the Mizkif Egg, because he thinks that the Egg would be easier to maintain. However Mizkif’s chat would again have trouble building the Mizkif Egg, due to Mizkif not providing a proper pixel reference, and instead providing a high quality non-pixelated JPEG of the Egg, furry resistance, and Mizkif ordering his chat to attack the NATO flag in Operation Rochambeau and replacing it with a Twitch Emote. The Mizkif Egg didn’t last very long, as it would only last 1 hour on the canvas, before Mizkif at around 18:02 ordered chat to black it out because he thought that the egg was too ugly.

Mizkif reading “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene while his chat is attacking the r/furry_irl Snoo

After the Mizkif Egg was blacked out, Mizkif comes up with a plan to put the OTK logo in the black space, however the OTK Logo would not be placed on the canvas until around 45 minutes later. During those 45 minutes, Mizkif and his chat prevented the furries from building the Snoo back on their spot, and they got more chat members to erase the pixels placed by furries, after Mizkif told his chat to leave the NATO Flag on Operation Rochambeau alone, after r/destiny became showed disapproval at Mizkif for attacking the flag. At around 18:45, Mizkif’s chat started building the OTK Logo after Mizkif said in his stream, that making it and maintaining it would be easy. After the OTK logo was built, Mizkif decided to focus all his manpower on the OTK in order to stop any furries and their allies from taking back the spot. Later in the stream he starts getting worried about ending the stream out of fear of losing his spots, he manages to find GappyV, a streamer who is willing to ally with Mizkif. After discussing, Mizkif decided to ally with him and told him to defend the OTK logo, and his Mizkif Peepo. At around 19:30, Mizkif decides to end his stream, saying that he doesn’t need to leave the stream on all night, because he thinks that r/destiny and GappyV would be able to defend the OTK Logo. Once Mizkif ended his stream at 19:30, a good portion of Mixkif’s chat went to GappyV’s stream.

GappyV’s Perspective

GappyV failing to take back the OTK logo and a Twitch Message mocking GappyV’s low viewer count and unpopularity

Once GappyV was in charge of maintaining Mizkif’s artworks, he started to defend the OTK logo and the Mizkif Peepo, but the one thing that GappyV lacked was power, as he had a lot less viewers than Mizkif did on this stream, that means that he was unable to protect the SMITE logo from r/azerbaijan, and stop r/furry_irl from placing more white on the OTK logo. Another problem that GappyV would face was his loss of viewers, as some people pointed out that his Twitch viewers went from 15k to 8k. Once the Azerbaijan flag covered SMITE, and the NATO Flag on Operation Rochambeau was fixed, an all out war broke out in the OTK logo, with r/azerbaijan invading the north end of the OTK logo, and r/furry_irl and its allies invading the south end of the OTK logo. GappyV was unable to stop both parties from taking the OTK logo due to his small viewer count, and then he eventually gave up, and focused only on defending Mizkif’s Peepo.

r/furry_irl’s Perspective

Mizkif fans making posts on the r/place Megathread on r/furry_irl

When Mizkif invaded the r/furry_irl Snoo, the furries were devastated. At the start of the invasion, members of r/mylittlepony, the ManeChat Discord, and other bronies, decided to ally with r/furry_irl. Due to their artworks both being vandalized by Mizkif, and because the bronies wanted to help rebuild the Snoo. Other furry subreddits like r/protogen and r/furry joined the fight against Mizkif. Also during the invasion they tried to gain alliances with numerous subreddits like r/196, r/philippines, r/india, “The Nordic Union”, r/VRChat, and r/foxholegame, but none of these subreddits would officially be allied to r/furry_irl. After a little short while, the r/furry_irl members decided that they would temporarily relocate, and place a new artwork in that location. They collectively agreed to place the Rainbow Paw from r/place 2017 at co-ordinates (642, 611), but after r/BABYMETAL took over the spot. They then decide to place the artwork at the co-ordinates (350, 212), and they actually manage to complete it this time. During the time Mizkif’s chat was trying to build TriHard, most of the r/furry_irl members did not attack the TriHard emote, because they were too busy building the Rainbow Paw.

The Tapermonkey overlay that members of r/furry_irl used to take back their spot from Mizkif

Then after a short while, the furries noticed that the TriHard emote was getting changed into a Mizkif Egg, and they also noticed the NATO Flag on Operation Rochambeau was getting vandalized by Mizkif. The destruction of the NATO flag, led to members of r/furry_irl, and the r/neoliberal-r/NonCredibleDefense Alliance asking each other if they would like to be allies. Eventually after a lot of discussing, they decided that they would help rebuild their artworks, and that they will protect each other’s artwork in the near-future, which officially made r/neoliberal, and r/NonCredibleDefense allies to r/furry_irl. Around this time a r/furry_irl Reddit user by the name of u/DMonitor made an Tampermonkey script which provided an overlay of the r/furry_irl Snoo and he also gave instructions on how to download and use it. It greatly helped the furries trying to defend it.

The replacement r/furry_irl Snoo minutes before being invaded by the “Missing Texture”

When Mizkif placed his OTK logo onto the canvas, a lot of furries decided that they would rather move the r/furry_irl Snoo to another spot, rather than hold their position, since Mizkif was focusing all of his army in the OTK Logo. They managed to get a spot on the coordinates (369, 447) after it was given to them by r/196 and the “Rainbow Road” after negotiating with them. However the replacement Snoo wouldn’t last long. Before the Snoo was even completed, it managed to get invaded by the “Missing Texture”. After the replacement Snoo was destroyed the furries went back to rebuilding their original Snoo that was covered by the OTK Logo. Now that GappyV was in charge of defending the OTK Logo, r/furry_irl and their allies were now able to easily take the south side of the OTK logo, and r/azerbaijan was able to take the north side of the OTK logo. When r/azerbaijan starting invading the north side of the OTK logo, r/furry_irl and their allies agreed to not attack them. They eventually decided to have their Snoo overlap their flag as part of a truce between the two subreddits, and the moderators provided a new template for the r/furry_irl Snoo on Reddit and Discord.

Invasion from Azerbaijan

The r/furry_irl Snoo and the Azerbaijan flag after they took over the OTK logo

After the r/furry_irl Snoo was taken back by Mizkif, r/furry_irl members were now trying to recreate the upper half of the Snoo, but it ran into a problem. The Azerbaijan flag was being defensive, and wouldn’t give up the spot, despite both subreddits making a truce. It was most likely done by people who weren’t affiliated with r/azerbaijan. r/furry_irl had to place pixels at the spot for 2 hours, before they were finally able to fully rebuild their spot. Members of r/furry_irl and r/azerbaijan then began to build the Azerbaijan flag under the r/furry_irl Snoo. It was eventually completed, but both subreddits had trouble defending and maintaining the new section of the flag, due to pixels being placed by r/furry_irl bots, and furries that haven’t heard about the truce and new design yet. Eventually, that section of the Azerbaijan flag was replaced by the r/furry_irl Snoo background. After that incident, many furries were worried that r/azerbaijan would attack the Snoo out of revenge, but thankfully that didn’t happen, and it would only try taking over the Just Tax Land banner on Operation Rochambeau.

Mizkif’s Second Round of Attacks

“I’m not even saying anything, and you guys are already attacking” —Mizkif

Around 34 minutes into Mizkif’s second r/place stream, Mizkif located and hovered over the r/furry_irl Snoo and told his chat that the furries just never gave up, but then at around 32:59 on r/place, Mizkif’s chat began to black out the r/furry_irl Snoo on their own initiative, without an order from Mizkif. He eventually left the Snoo in order to focus on building his “Dong”. This time, members of furry_irl were actually able to repel the attack and rebuild the Snoo in a short amount of time, thanks to the help of their allies, r/neoliberal, r/NonCredibleDefense, r/osugame, and r/osuplace. At around 36:34, Mizkif orders chat to black out the r/furry_irl Snoo, he then states that he isn’t planning on putting anything over the Snoo, and that he just wants to mess with the furries. r/furry_irl and their allies again, manage to repel the attack and successfully defend the Snoo. They would continue to do this, until Mizkif decided to stop attacking the Snoo. At around 37:09, Mizkif tells his chat to nuke the furries again, at around this time someone on his chat mentions that Osu(one of Mizkif’s allies), is allied with r/furry_irl, but he brushes this information off. Then at around 37:29, Mizkif tells his chat again, to nuke the furries. But, then at around 5 hours and 16 minutes into Mizkif’s second stream, or at around 37:41 in r/place, someone on chat tells Mizkif that Osu was mad at him for attacking r/furry_irl. Mizkif freaks out, and starts telling Osu on his stream that the attacks on the r/furry_irl Snoo were just a big joke, he likely did this, so that Osu wouldn’t invade any of his artworks. Osu would end up cutting ties with Mizkif because of these attacks. After this, Mizkif never attacked the r/furry_irl Snoo ever again throughout the remainder of r/place. Not only was Mizkif not able to fully black out the r/furry_irl Snoo this time, but he also managed lose an alliance with Osu because of it.

The End

The r/furry_irl Snoo fully engulfed in white pixels

After that, the r/furry_irl Snoo managed to stay on the canvas during the rest of r/place. It never got voided ever again by Twitch streamers, as they would instead focus their attention on voiding the My Little Pony artworks instead. There was one time where they expanded their north border by 1 pixel, because r/azerbaijan had done the same thing before, but they eventually decided to remove their expanded border a few hours later. The artwork managed to survive before it was fully engulfed by the Great White-Out at around 82:44.


Concept Designs and Drafts of the furry_irl Snoo

The furry_irl Snoo throughout r/place


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