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The r/furry_irl subreddit logo
r/furry irl
Name r/furry_irl
Description It is a subreddit dedicated to memes and other such humorous images relating to the furry fandom.
Subreddit furry_irl
Discord r/furry_irl Discord
Artwork r/furry_irl Avali Illuminate Trifeather Emblem Bad Dragon Logo Furry Femboy Fox (Bean) e621 Logo r/avali Logo r/furry Snoo r/furry_irl Snoo r/protogen Snoo

r/furry_irl is a subreddit dedicated to furry memes. It participated in both r/place 2017 and r/place 2022.

r/place 2017


“Yiff me Daddy!” Mural

The r/furry_irl “Yiff me Daddy!” Mural

r/place 2022


Avali Illuminate Trifeather Emblem

This trifeather emblem drawn by r/avali represents the global government that the Avali race live under.

The logo of Bad Dragon, a manufacturer of fantasy adult toys.

Furry Femboy Fox (Bean)

This is a pixelated drawing of Furry Femboy Fox (Bean) that was originally drawn by Fleurfurr

The logo of the mature imageboard e621.net.

A picture of an avail, a fictional species of feathered raptors

r/furry Snoo (2022)

The pixel snoo of the r/furry subreddit, and a hidden amongi

Main Article: r/furry Snoo (2022)

r/furry_irl Snoo

The r/furry_irl Snoo with the words “uwu” and “owo”

Main Article: r/furry_irl Snoo

r/protogen Snoo

This is a drawing of the r/protogen Snoo

Cancelled/Destroyed Artwork

Rainbow Paw (2022)

The Rainbow Paw constructed by members of r/furry_irl

The Rainbow Paw (2022) was located on the coordinates (364, 233). It was created by members of r/furry_irl after Mizkif voided the r/furry_irl Snoo. It was fully completed at around 16:37 on r/place. It eventually managed to get fully destroyed at around 26:08 when the Ukraine flag and “The Void” both invaded it.

Sam the Eevee

The Sam the Eevee and Fox Template from members of r/furry_irl and r/foxes

Sam the Eevee was a proposed piece of artwork located on the coordinates (1232, 1443) that was being worked on by members of r/furry_irl. The artwork was a pixelated picture of Sam the Eevee, the main character of the adult comic series, Oversexed Eeveelutions by Kuroodod. The artwork started being built when the canvas expanded for the second time(Around 54:46). The artwork would unfortunately get fully destroyed at around 56:00, when the “Checkerboard Pattern” to the north of the artwork decided to invade the artwork. Members of r/furry_irl managed to only complete about 10% of the artwork before it was fully destroyed.


r/furry_irl had 17 alliances in 2022:

DumbDog (Twitch)

Elemental on Discord (Discord)

The Click/Cliccy (Twitch)


r/Mabinogi (temporarily)

r/neoliberal & r/NonCredibleDefense

These two subreddits allied with r/furry_irl on the first day of r/place, after their NATO flag on Operation Rochambeau got vanadalized by Mizkif, who was the same person that voided the r/furry_irl logo. With this alliance, all three subreddits managed to take back their artworks from Mizkif. Later on, r/neoliberal & r/NonCredibleDefense would help defend and rebuild the r/furry_irl Snoo after Mizkif and his chat nuked it on the 2nd day of r/place, and r/furry_irl would later help defend and rebuild the “Just Tax Land” banner from r/azerbaijan, and “Swedish Rouges”


This subreddit allied with r/furry_irl on the second day of r/place, because they needed some allies to protect their artwork. As a result r/Pikmin would help protect the e621 logo and the Bad Dragon logo, and r/furry_irl would help protect the Pikmin mural. During r/place both subreddits would help defend their artworks from “The Void”, Grefg, and smaller attacks .





r/osugame and r/osuplace







Mizkif is a Twitch streamer that voided the r/furry_irl Snoo 5 times, on two separate streams. The first time he voided it, he tried to put a TriHard emote, the Mizkif Egg, and the OTK logo over it. However the second time, was actually his chat nuking it without an order from Mizkif. The remaining three times he voided it, was just because he wanted to mess with the furries, he didn’t even plan to put an artwork over the Snoo that time. He eventually decided to stop attacking the r/furry_irl Snoo, once he realized that Osu was allied with r/furry_irl, and that Osu was mad at them. Thankfully, Mizkif did not notice r/furry_irl’s other artworks like the r/furry Snoo, the e621 logo, and the Bad Dragon logo, even though he zoomed in on the area where they where. Mizkif was also the streamer who aided xQcOW with the Kobe Bryant artwork which covered up the r/furry Snoo and the entire Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA).


GappyV is a very small Indian streamer that allied with Mizkif, and was responsible for defending the OTK logo after Mizkif ended his stream. After Mizkif ended his stream, GappyV would have trouble defending Mizkif’s artwork. After failing to protect the SMITE logo from r/azerbaijan, he would have to deal with r/azerbaijan, and r/furry_irl invading the OTK logo, he eventually decided that defending the OTK logo was not worth it. The entire OTK logo managed to get fully taken over at around 21:57 on r/place with r/furry_irl taking up half its space.


xQcOW did not specifically go after our artwork, however he did void one of our artworks along with a bunch of others in order to make a huge piece of artwork. xQcOW along with Mizkif, nuked a huge area and replaced it with a picture of Kobe Bryant at around 61:22-61:57 on r/place. The area that was voided included not only the r/furry Snoo, but also the entire Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA) who were allied with the r/furry Snoo. The r/furry Snoo managed to get mostly recovered at around 64:00 on r/place, and then it was eventually fully recovered at around 68:30 on r/place. xQcOW’s Kobe Bryant was eventually fully destroyed at around 76:03 on r/place


Zoil is a small British Twitch Streamer that tried to void the r/furry Snoo, and replace it with “Talking Ben” during 73:11-73:26 on r/place. However because of his low concurrent viewers, the strong number of furry defenders, and because the r/furry Snoo was allied with the Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA), he was unable to take it over. This defeat not only humiliated Zoil and his chat, but after that battle, he decided that he would stop participating in r/place for the remainder of the last day.

r/place 2023


Boy Kisser



r/furry_irl Alliance Artwork




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