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image place-wordle.png
Name Wordle Place
Description The word 'PLACE' in the style of a Wordle solution
Location (1645,1943)
Atlas ID txxv0w
Creator r/wordle

The Wordle 'PLACE' is an image created by fans of the game Wordle, including members of r/wordle and the Wordleverse community.

It was created as a tribute to the popular internet word game Wordle, which was created by Josh Wardle, who also was one of the original creators of r/place and made the very first post announcing it back in 2017.

/r/place 2022


Several designs were created and attempted in various parts of the canvas. Ultimately, the group ended up finding traction in a corner near Pregnant Mario and collaborated with r/mahjong to make an ad-hoc collaboration where one of the Wordle letters is represented by one of the Mahjong tiles. Although early designs included several rows of words to represent a full Wordle game, the space only allowed for a single word, for which the group chose "PLACE" as the name of the event (a typical Wordle game has only five letters, although "Wordle" itself is six letters).

Final Result

The artwork was fully intact for the final day of the event and The Great Whiteout.

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