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image wordle-logo.png
Name r/wordle
Description Community of fans for the online word game Wordle
Subreddit wordle, wordleverse
Website https://wordleverse.net
Artwork Wordle

Wordle is an internet word game created by Josh Wardle, who is also one of the original creators of r/place. The subreddit r/wordle is a group of fans of the game, and Wordleverse is a website and online community surrounding Wordle and the hundreds of similar games it has inspired since becoming virally popular in late 2021.

r/place 2022


Wordle PLACE

See also: Wordle

The single word "PLACE" in the green and white colors of a solved Wordle puzzle. The "C" is drawn in inverted colors to match the style of the Mahjong tiles which intersect the design vertically.



The Wordle community worked with the Mahjong community to create and defend their artwork, ultimately leading to a shared design in which one of the Mahjong tiles was modified into a "C" to form part of the word "PLACE" from the Wordle design.


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