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Name Thunderdome
Description The ID&T wizard, in later years only used for the Thunderdome concept, As seen on r/place 2023.
Location (-1436, -526)
Atlas ID 2532
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Creator PlaceNL

Thunderdome is a famous concept in hardcore techno and gabber music that was mainly used for a series of parties and CD-albums. It was organized by the Dutch entertainment company ID&T.[1]

The first party was organized in a village near Amsterdam in 1992. The party held in December 2012 was advertised as being the end of Thunderdome. However, after the 2012 event, the party was brought back in 2017 for the 25th anniversary with a 2019 edition announced the following year. In 2022, Thunderdome celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Jaarbeurs convention center, Utrecht.[2]

The ID&T wizard which was referenced for the pixel art on r/place 2023

r/place 2023

The Thunderdome pixel art was created by several members of PlaceNL. It was voted in by the PlaceNL community, and it was completed around 1:00 GMT on July 25th on the flag of The Netherlands, where it remained until the end.

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