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This article is about the Quebec Community and the communities related to the Quebec Community on r/place. For the 2022 flag, see the Wikipedia page of René Levesque. For the 2023 flag, see the Wikipedia page of the Montreal Metro.

Place Québec Logo.png
Place Québec
Name Place Québec
Description A Francophone community that brings together more than 4,000 members with a single goal; build the Quebec flag and its references.
Subreddit Quebec
Artwork see article

Quebec is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It is the largest province by area and the second-largest by population. Much of the population of Quebec lives in urban areas along the St. Lawrence River, between its most populous city, Montreal, and the provincial capital, Quebec City. The province is the home of the Quebecian nation. Located in Central Canada, the province shares land borders with Ontario to the west, Newfoundland and Labrador to the northeast, New Brunswick to the southeast, and a coastal border with Nunavut; in the south it borders the United States.

r/Quebec is the largest Quebec-linked Reddit community to date

Official Discord server

The official Discord server of Place Québec brings together to date more than 4,000 active members throughout the r/place event.

Place Québec Discord server logo

Throughout the event, the members meet in a stage channel called "Assemblée nationale" where the speakers discuss with the members the future projects that we will bring to the canvas of the r/place. Listening members always have the opportunity to raise their hand to become a speaker and then offer ideas or suggestions or even share their opinion on the several projects of the community.

Administrators have the ability to make announcements using the "everyone" tag that mentions the entire server, so that all members who are not on do not disturb receive a notification at the same time when the ad is posted. Announcements are useful for announcing that at a specific time the community is building something specific on the canvas. In this case, the announcement will mention to the members seeing it that they must keep their pixels to later use them at a specific time to prevent their construction from being destroyed rather quickly.

r/place 2023

The r/place 2023 was a success for Quebec which ended the war with an area of 29,100 pixels with 29 elements in total.

Quebec artworks on the 2023 canvas


This area contains numerous references to Quebec, including:

r/place 2022

The r/place 2022 was a success for Quebec which ended the war with an area of 19,180 pixels with 28 elements in total.

Quebec Flag on the r/place 2022 canvas


This area contains numerous references to Quebec, including:

r/place 2017

The r/place 2017 was a success for Quebec which ended the war with an area of 1,401 pixels.

Quebec Area on the r/place 2017 canvas



Place Québec at Salut, Bonjour!

The canvas of Quebec passed on several television channels. Notably on "Radio-Canada" or even on "Salut, Bonjour!", a television media channel which is broadcast every morning on the "TVA" channel.

Place Québec appears on


Quebec has partnered with several communities throughout the r/place.


  • Technoblade
  • Francophonie
  • Deltarune


  • McGill
  • Concordia



  • Adamo
  • FedQc
  • DomCasse

Old Alliances


A very well detailed French video of Quebec on the r/place 2022 is available on YouTube.

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