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The Republic of Colombia is a country in the northwest of South America, bordered by Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Panama in addition to sharing access to the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Displaying a rich geography, the country is home to 49.3 million people.

r/place 2022


The Colombian community established itself during the initial chaos of the r/place, establishing itself and expanding just as its first claim was wiped out by Ireland. Although initially planned as a collaboration between Miranda flag countries, this didn't last very long due to infighting and resulted in consistent conflict between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. This would eventually lead to Colombia and Venezuela separating after the first expansion as the new flag was claimed by Venezuela.

The second expansion saw a monumental expansion by Colombia near the border left border with the initial canvas, the site of many artworks. This flag also was one of the first to feature a grid structure on its primary color to add more of a textured look.


r/Colombia's artwork was primarily realized on two separate flags during this year, the initial flag on the original canvas and the primary flag realized during the second expansion. Both are characterized by the Colombian flag accompanied with a rendering of the nation's political map representation.

Initial Flag

The smaller of the two, this flag featured a scarlet macaw surrounded by greenery, a Christmas orchid, an arepa (a traditional pre-Columbian cake), and a cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans.

Primary Flag

Far larger than the original and realized through aggressive expansion, the flag contains a variety of artworks. To the left of the map is a chiva (a traditional form of Colombian transport), a large cup of coffee, aguardiente (traditional alcoholic beverage), and figure wearing a dress used in the traditional dance known as cumbia. To the right of the map are several nature-themed designs featuring another scarlet macaw, orchid, capybaras and a moroccoy turtle. In addition, there appear characters such as Aurelio Cheveroni, Granito (Mascota of Aguila Roja), Frailejon Ernesto Perez, and allied creation Oshino Shinobu. Finally, two food designs appear in the form of the national dish, the Bandeja Paisa and the popular arepa held by Oshino.


Colombia had an alliance with numerous bordering communities, including B1G, Every Child Matters, Ireland, Belgium and Mexico.

r/place 2023


Establishment of the first flag

Colombia established itself from the right edge on the original r/place canvas, successfully conquering the initial territory of transplace, 2b2t, brazil and more to form the first flag, aided by the event taking place on Colombia's Independence Day. This successful establishment was followed by the generation of a variety of artworks prior to a bot led invasion by 1337, a Moroccan coding school. This would begin an endless conflict between Morocco and Colombia with attacks on both groups in the map and across a variety of online spaces. The expansion of the map to the right temporarily relieved these tensions, as Colombia managed to make territorial gains.

With the second expansion the first colonial flag was created, involving substantial conflict followed by creation of the primary alliances of Colombia. In addition, talks were held with 'Hispanidad' to establish a joint Spanish speaking nation territory. However, due to insistence of a design evocative of the colonial Spanish flag by revisionist historians from Spain, all Latin Americans quickly pulled out of the project. During this time, Argentina proved to be one of the closest allies of Colombia helping to defend the flag and calling Colombia for assistance in defending the Islas Malvinas from r/ukplace. However everything changed when 1337 attacked.

Annihilation of the first flag

After repeated back and forth, where 1337's bots failed to operate, Colombia made occasional gains to breach the line and reconnect its flag. Frustrated with Colombia's refusal to submit 1337 and Morocco, launched a bot led invasion to not just reclaim and expand their territory, but to deliberately destroy the entire initial Colombian flag. This was met with shock and frustration by Colombia and the larger reddit community due to rampant bot activity and deliberately destructive, rather than creative actions. This also led to a formation of a strong bond with Algeria, geopolitical rivals of Morocco and a bordering nation in the new defacto primary flag.

Attempted relocations

Following the collapse of the first Colombian flag, the community was dejected and lost. Numerous attempts were made to claim a new land, but with low moral, unclear plans and stronger adversaries, Colombia only barely managed to obtain a conciliation flag in the upper expansion, which quickly fell apart under attacks from various communities and the void (who would eventually take pity on the nation).

Establishment of the primary flag

As has become tradition, Colombia established its strongest flag only during downward expansion, where Colombia secured a relatively large area for its community in the then lower left corner. This would soon feature a variety of artworks. After the penultimate expansion, this flag would expand further to the left although this was mostly contained by Cellbit's Estraingero and would later primarily be used by hivemind establishment of soccer logos.

Final Expansion

The final expansion saw the move to an artwork focus by the official community after expansion boredom, disillusion with most alliances, and intermittent defensive conflict with Morocco on Algerian territory. This then led to the creation of the Garzon flag, used to honor a national hero. During this time, the focus was firmly on defense of existing property.

Still, the hivemind found ways to initiate conflict in 'Fuck Spez' by opposing Venezuela's claim to the U. This led to an interesting compromise flag, carrying the Venezuelan Miranda proportions (1:1:1) but lacking the standard Venezuelan stars, similar to the Colombian flag. Toward the whiteout, unknown Colombian forces launched an extensive campaign on the turbulent artwork above the primary flag realizing a near doubling of the flags original flag in Colombian patchwork yellow immediately prior to the end of r/place. As a final message against Morocco and 1337, the grey/whiteout saw concentration of all the community's pixels to the rapid destruction of 1337 and all annexed territories claimed by Morocco after the annihilation of the first flag.


Colombia created many flags each featuring many artworks of national and allied design.

The Lost Flag

Before it's annihilation by Morocco and 1337, the initial Colombian flag featured a variety of spectacular artworks. Under consumables, this included several arepas, an empanada, a Chocoramo, a Chococono, aguardiante, an avocado and a giant coffee bean. Animals included were a toucan, scarlet macaw, hummingbird, capybara, and Wilson (dog). Several national icons were also included, such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (with National University logo), Penon de Guatape, Sombrero vueltiao, Juan Valdez and a machete.

Allied Flag

Features a bandeja paisa, arepa, capybara and teleferico de Medellin.This flag featured a variety of allied artwork such as that of Shinobu Oshinoand, itemlabel, and JJK although this alliance was renounced.

Desperation Flag

This featured the logo of the chain Juan Valdez, but mainly was mainly taken over by other communities after it's virtual abandonment in favor of the primary flag.

Primary Flag

As the primary flag of Colombia, this featured a variety of artworks, most notably a map of the country. For easier reference of the variety of artworks hey are presented in the following list:

  • Logo, flowers, and capybaras
  • Chocoramo - A popular chocolate cake produced by Ramos
  • Toucan with Sombrero vueltiao
  • Rey Soap - Renowned for its variety of uses
  • Accordion - Popular in the music of the nation.
  • Arepa - Traditional corn cake
  • Ansichan - Collaborating streamer
  • Orchids - The national flower of Colombia
  • Hummingbird
  • Yellow Butterfly - A popular motif used by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Laureate and creator of the genre Magical Realism
  • Aguardiente and Pony Malta - The most characteristic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of Colombia
  • Betty, la fea - Character in the titular soap opera, a global phenomena
  • Frailejon Ernesto Perez - Beloved character encouraging ecological responsibility
  • Granito - Mascot of Aguila Roja, a popular Colombian coffee brand
  • Camila - MLP 'ponification' of the nation
  • Emerald - Colombia produces the highest quality emeralds in the world.
  • Minuto de Dios - A popular Catholic programming group
  • Millonarios, Santa Fe, Nacional, Cali Deportivo - Professional soccer teams playing in the national league
Garzon Flag

This flag was unique in being the only one created primarily as a backdrop to an artwork. The namesake of the flag, Jaime Garzon was a journalist, political commentator, and comedian famous throughout the country. The flag serves as a memorial to his death and service to the country at the hands of paramilitary forces during a relative peak of civil conflict.


The official alliances of Colombia in 2023 were (in rough order of importance):



Shinbu Oshino





Der Rahmen











Hollow Knight






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