MoonFrame Alliance

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MoonFrame Alliance
Name MoonFrame Alliance
Description An alliance between several communities who ended up near one another. The two most notable being Project Moon and Warframe.
Subcommunities Project Moon,Warframe,The Stanley Parable,Splatoon,CloneHero,Bluey,SewayakiKitsune,Touhou,PlaceKenny

The MoonFrame Alliance was an early alliance between neighboring communities on the r/place 2022 canvas.


The MoonFrame Alliance was an alliance born during the first day of /r/place 2022. It consisted of several communities which ended up near one another and wished for peace. The alliance stood strong during the first expansion, but before the second expansion were attacked by streamers, which resulted in Project Moon, Warframe, Splatoon, and Kenny relocating away from their alliance spots, while Touhou and Bluey had to be downsized due to the expanding Peruvian Mountains.

This attacked resulted in the communities of this alliance no longer being able to defend each other as they originally could, however the friendships born from it stood strong until the very end.

The collective group of artworks which were involved in the Moonframe Alliance
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