Jenny Wakeman from MLaaTR

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Jenny Wakeman from MLaaTR
Name Jenny Wakeman from MLaaTR
Description A white & blue robot from the 2003 cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot (abbreviated to MLaaTR)
Location (1503,1722)
Area 674 pixels
Atlas ID twuus7
Creator My Life as a Teenage Robot Fanbase, r/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot

This blue robot, otherwise known as Jenny Wakeman or XJ-9, was made by the devoted community of My Life as a Teenage Robot Fanbase.

/r/place 2022


the proposed version of Jenny in r/place
The first attempt, notice her pigtails near Marsey the Cat

The first attempt at building Jenny took place around (407,1378), just under the r/Drama cat, shortly after the canvas was expanded for the final time. This attempt only got as far as the pigtails and top of her head before being abandoned, due to pushback from other users around the area and some streamer art appearing just below the build site.

Jenny's 1st complete iteration on r/place

Shortly thereafter, Jenny's build suite was moved to her second and final location, with members of the MLaaTR Fanbase taking the opportunity to use a space that had been previously cleared out by xQc's black-and-yellow void, just below the southern branch of the Green Lattice. Construction began from the bottom of her head with little resistance.

Throughout her existence, there were several minor changes done to improve the artwork, such as adding bolts to her pigtails and sparkles in her eyes - neither of which were present in the original template - and tweaking her torso and jawline. An r/place user with seemingly no connection to the fanbase attempted to add hearts around her, which were adopted as part of the artwork once it was realized that it was not a griefing attempt. In the final hours of r/place, the rightmost heart was recolored to the trans flag, as Jenny is related to the trans community.

Early hours

1st proposed collab with the Tetris community, with Jenny holding both side of their artwork. However it is shelved later on

Early on, there was a mild struggle for space with the neighboring communities of Good Pizza, Great Pizza and University of Alabama (r/rolltide). Diplomacy was soon achieved however and Jenny then shared a border with the two of them, with GPGP even shifting one pixel to the left to avoid conflict with the side of her head.

The art of Jenny was originally planned to potentially include her full body, but not long after work began on her head, members of the Tetris community took a place just below, making expansion difficult. Some members made a futile attempt to expand into their territory regardless, which was met by quick resistance.

Jenny suffered a brief scare from xQc targeting the area just above her with a black void, calling the space "garbanzo." However, his chat largely avoided Jenny and he quickly gave up on the raid, preferring to attack another area instead.

Eventually, an alliance was formed with the Tetris community, and plans were drafted on how to integrate the two artworks. One idea was to have her body "behind" the Tetris art, thus having her legs continue underneath it, as well has having her hands hold the Tetris art from either side. Due to various other art below Tetris making it difficult to expand without conflict, this idea was scrapped in favor of simply having one hand holding the Tetris art from above, which remained until very near the end.


After several hours of peaceful existence, at approximately 78 hours in, Russian streamer bratishkinoff and his community made their first attempt at constructing their Giant Derpy art just to the upper left of Jenny, partially overwriting her pigtails. The MLaaTR fanbase began to slowly retake that area, but before much progress was made, another streamer attempted to cover up the Giant Derpy with a large FC Barcelona crest, which did even more collateral damage than Derpy due to the white background covering the full upper left corner of Jenny's head.

The area briefly became a warzone, with the crest being taken over by a yellow void before it was completed, then reattempted before the yellow returned and completely destroyed it. The FC Barcelona crest was later rebuilt in a smaller space slightly farther north from the initial attempt, leaving the space uncontested and allowing some of the communities covered by the yellow - including the MLaaTR fanbase - to recover, with Jenny gaining a larger white defensive perimeter in the aftermath.

The next couple hours were tense, with a purple void overtaking the space just above Jenny (although the perpetrators largely stayed clear of the white perimeter) and Mexican streamer El Mariana completely overwriting the Gacha Alliance neighbors to the west with his self-portrait over a purple background, resulting in a number of purple pixels intruding on Jenny's space, which were swiftly repelled.

Unfortunately, disaster struck in the final hour of r/place as Mexican streamer aldo_geo targeted Jenny to replace her with his logo. Although the MLaaTR community put up a valiant effort to fight him off for several minutes, he ultimately succeeded in erasing her as well as the surrounding communities with which the fanbase had allied.

Adding fuel to the fire, aldo_geo mocked the MLaaTR fanbase on stream and on social media, putting out Spanish tweets translating to "Help us occupy reinforcements in these coordinates, they want to rebuild the teenage robot, no way, who even watched that shitty cartoon"[1] and "The gringos that want to fuck the teenage robot got mad at me :("[2]. In addition, he showed Rule 34 art of Jenny on stream, as well as various fanbase members' replies to his tweets, resulting in his community targeting them with inflammatory replies, messages, and racist remarks which were completely uncalled for[3][4]

Final Result

Sadly, Jenny Wakeman didn't make it to the definitive image of r/place. However, due to aldo_geo's toxic and malicious behavior towards the community, including said tweets as well as messages and replies sent to MLaaTR fanbase members, the decision was made for Jenny to be restored in the Final Clean's version of the canvas[5].

The logo that covered Jenny only existed for a few short minutes and was still being worked on by aldo_geo and his chat when the whiteout struck, offering the MLaaTR fanbase a certain sense of karmic justice as aldo_geo's logo was swiftly erased by the white before it was truly finished.


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