Het Klokhuis

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Het Klokhuis Logo.png
Het Klokhuis
Name Het Klokhuis
Description The logo of an educational show aired in The Netherlands.
Location (-1478, -506)
Atlas ID 2629
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Creator PlaceNL

Het Klokhuis was a pixel art of the logo of an educational show for children aged 7 to 12 in The Netherlands. The pixel art was completed around 23:00 GMT on July 24th 2023, and its construction took about 1 hour.

Television Program

Het Klokhuis brings general knowledge to a young audience. The program first aired in January 1988, and is still running.

Each episode has a theme and can be divided in two parts: education, and drama. The educational part often takes the form of a report. The drama part often features comedic sketches and songs that emphasize the emotional aspects and the moral and ethical considerations of the theme.

Dutch Identity

Many people growing up in The Netherlands have watched Het Klokhuis at primary school or at home. By 2023, the program is considered to be a staple of Dutch television.[1]

In 1990 the program was threatened with cancellation by its managing board. An initiative to save Het Klokhuis managed to collect 30 000 signatures. This initiative led to the the cancellation of the program being discussed in the Dutch parliament. The managing board then conceded that their assessment was wrong, and stated that Het Klokhuis was allowed to continue its run on television.[2]

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