Flag of Slovenia

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Flag of Slovenia
Name Flag of Slovenia
Description The flag of The Republic of Slovenia
Location 288, 879
Area 2331 pixels
Atlas ID txusul
Creator Slovenia

The first and main artwork of Slovenia, representing the Slovene flag with pixelart depicting various cultural references.

r/place 2022

See also: [[Slovene Coat of Arms, Bled Island, Bojan the Bear (Medved Bojan), Olm (Človeška ribica), Hayrack (Kozolec), Bees]]


It all started when u/igotaminigun created a post on r/slovenia on April 1st, asking if they had anything planned for r/place 2022, since they had participated in it back in 2017.[1] Members were quick to point out the Slovakian flag being built at (372, 889) and suggested to join next to it, since their flags share the same colour pattern. The Croatian flag was being built bellow the Slovakian one, and a user of r/Croatia suggested that a heart be placed at the center where all of the borders met.[2]

Much shorter in size originally, it started it's leftwards expansion at the very beginning of Day 2, stopping at the Technoshrine and completely taking over Pikmin and the Kep1er logo. The white portion of the flag was involved in a border dispute with Germany for quite a time.

Apart from the Slovene Coat of Arms which was being built at the same time as the flag, Bled Island was the first art piece to be added onto the flag next to the Slovene Coat of Arms on Day 2, with Bojan the Bear (Medved Bojan) added next to it shortly after. A depiction of an Olm (Človeška ribica) was also created on the left part of the flag, but it and half the flag was taken over by the Cool S towards the end of the day. After the rebuilding from the attack, the Olm (Človeška ribica) was moved bellow the Coat of arms of Germany and the Hayrack (Kozolec) was built in its original place. Multiple Bees started to be put on the flag on Day 3.

Template after day 2

Alternate designs proposed for the left part of the flag:[3]


The flag was part of a border dispute, saw an aggressive territory invasion and had a minor conflict with another community.

Trst je naš!


At the start of Day 2, the phrase TRST JE NAŠ! (Trieste is ours! ) appeared on the flag. It references the complicated dissolution of the Free Territory of Trieste after World War 2 between Italy and Yugoslavia (Slovenia). It sparked a discussion between the two communities and the phrase was removed, unknown by who.

Border dispute with Germany

After the leftwards expansion of the flag, tries to expand the white part were halted mutiple times by Germany. An agreement was later proposed and accepted by Germany, to have Bernd das Brot's beer foam spill into the white part of the flag.

Agreed to design by both communities

Cool S invasion


Towards the end of the second day the Cool S began it's aggressive expansion of territory towards the north and the whole left part of the Flag of Slovenia was taken out. The lost territory was quickly reclaimed and rebuild and the Cool S pushed back to its original size and a ceasefire was declared.

Ceasefire declared on Discord

Final Result

Additional Bees and a grass flower border at the bottom were added towards the end of r/place. It remained fully intact for The Great Whiteout.

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