Bran Castle

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Bran Castle on the final canvas.png
Bran Castle
Name Bran Castle
Description The Bran castle small village under it and a vampire behind it
Location (-324, 123)
Atlas ID 2639
Creator Romania
A photo of Bran castle

Bran (Slavonic name meaning "gate") is a castle in Bran village, Brașov county, Romania. It was built by the Teutonic knights in the 13th century and later passed to the Saxons of Kronstadt (the modern-day city of Brașov).[1] Historically it was the point where the border with Wallachia was kept.[2]

The castle became famous for its association with "Dracula's castle" though there is no connection between Bran and Stoker's novel, nor with the Wallachian Voivode Vlad III Dracula.[2]

r/place 2023

The castle before the bot attack

The idea to draw a castle like last year when the Peleș Castle was drawn, came from the second day of the event, however, it was not until the 21st of July that a template was created for it. Though not a complete match to the real castle, it was accepted as the flag still lacked artwork (besides the hosted Guardian Tales drawings) at that time. Construction on the castle began the same day. The slow process of construction was further delayed by Bratishkinoff's attack, which destroyed all the progress up to that point. After settling the dispute, construction restarted, picking up pace with the help of an increasing number of people. During the construction, the castle was wrongly extended past the template, as people who did not have the template also worked on it.

Soon after its completion, several crosses began appearing on the castle, in a similar way to Peleș from last year. These were deleted, and re-added several times throughout the event. A small village was also added to the base of the castle, and later a vampire was also drawn behind it.

On the last day of the event, the castle was damaged during the bot attack. It was repaired quickly, however, and it made it to the final canvas.

Impaled spez

The first impaled spez drawing with the crosses already appearing on the castle

With the initial construction being completed, the idea to participate in the protests against spez came up. To take a more unique way of protesting, similar to how the French used the guillotine in their protest, it was decided to draw an impaled Snoo head with the text "Spez" written on a sign under it, and place the stake next to the castle. This was in reference to Vlad III Dracula's punishments.

The artwork did not survive for long, as Reddit administrators soon censored it. The stake was replaced with a sign only reading "Fuck Spez", though later replaced with a text above the castle reading "Muie Spez" (Fuck Spez in Romanian). An invitation to the discord server was also added under it. The text however, did not survive on the final canvas as it was destroyed during the bot attack and never reconstructed.

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