Peleș Castle

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Peleș Castle
Name Peleș Castle
Description The Peleș from Romania, together with an r/Romania banner under it
Location (674, 176)
Atlas ID tzbshd
Creator Romania

The Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle located in Sinaia, Romania. It was built between 1873 and 1914, its inauguration was held in 1883. Originally personal property of the Romanian Royal Family, the castle now houses the Peleș National Museum, as well as being occasionally used for public royal ceremonies.[1]

A photo of the Peleș castle

The pixel artwork was made by r/Romania and was destroyed by Polish streamers twice.

r/place 2022

The initial idea of the Romania banner

On the second day of the event, it was decided to make a pixel art of the Peleș Castle above the banner with r/Romania written on it. Initially this banner was supposed to have a traditional pattern on it as well, however as work began on the second flag, the empty space was given to r/Buro, which was eventually changed to write "EURO".

After the castle was initially built, several crosses were added over the roof. As the real castle does not feature any crosses, these were replaced with flags in order to stop people from adding them back. When the castle was finished, work on the friendship ribbon with Hungary began. After completing the ribbon and finishing the Endless Column on the second flag, the main flag was attacked by a Polish streamer on the third day. The flag was destroyed entirely, including the castle.

The castle along with the flag was rebuilt shortly after, with support from several communities including the Anti-Void Alliances, which organized an event for rebuilding the flag.

During the last day of the event, the flag was attacked once again by more Polish streamers and the castle was once again destroyed. This time the flag could no longer be taken back and the castle did not make it in the end.

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