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Romanian Trollface.png
Name OkPrietenRetardat
Description Romanian satirical meme community
Subreddit okprietenretardat
Discord discord.gg/u9Vp8d9QVB
Artwork Romanian Trollface

OkPrietenRetardat is the Romanian satirical meme community version of r/OkBuddyRetard. It was founded on 6 August 2020 as a subreddit. In November 2020, the OkPrietenRetardat discord server was created as a form of celebrating the 1000 reddit members milestone. The discord server went through three iterations since its creation, with the third and current variant being founded on 27 August 2022.[1][2]

History on r/place

r/place 2022

First trollface being destroyed

During the 2022 event, the OKPR community decided to draw the mascot of the subreddit, namely the Romanian Trollface. Initially this drawing was made without any help from other communities and was to be located around the 786, 530 coordinates. This first attempt failed as it was destroyed by the expanding Ukrainian flag of the "The Hive Mind". Other attempts to establish the Trollface close to the Ukrainian flag followed. None, however, were successful. Discussions to move the location near the transgender were also held, but these didn't materialize.[3]

Megumin and the Romanian trollface on the final canvas

Following the expansion of the canvas, the OKPR community allied itself with r/pMegu in order to keep its Trollface artwork alive. With the destruction of the Romanian flag by Polish streamers, the Romanian Trollface was one of the few Romanian artworks remaining on the final canvas.

r/place 2023

With the start of r/place 2023, the OKPR community was notified by users from r/pMegu. As in 2022, it was decided to make the Trollface once again. After it was finished, the Trollface was attacked by unorganized members of the r/Romania community and random users trying to create the Romanian flag. As the Romanian subreddit community did not offer any support for the event, a new dedicated discord server with the task of bringing users from both communities together for better coordination, called PlaceRO, was created.[3]

It was eventually decided to abandon the trollface artwork and focus on the Romanian flag instead. The trollface was later added to the new flag.


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