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The Meme Lady 69/sandbox
Name Cuphead-Danganronpa alliance
AKA {{{aka}}}
Description A collaboration between r/Cuphead and r/Danganronpa
Subcommunities Cuphead,Danganronpa
Subcommunities Green Lattice
Subreddit Cuphead, Danganronpa
Discord [Blank]
Artwork Monocuppa, Mugsami

Cuphead is a Canadian franchise made by independent video game company Studio MDRH. The videogame of the same name was released originally on September 29, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Steam. The story of the game takes place on the Inkwell Isles where Cuphead and his twin brother live. After losing their souls to the Devil, they embark on a quest to get the contracts of the sinners in the isles. It’s success has led to the creation of a DLC, novels, comics, merchandise and an animated show

Danganronpa (ダンガンロンパ) is a is a Japanese franchise by Kazutaka Kodaka and Spike Chunsoft. The first game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, was released on November 25, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable. The series primarily surrounds various groups of apparent high-school students who are forced into murdering each other by a robotic teddy bear named Monokuma and participate in trials after a murder. Other media of the franchise includes other games, mangas, light novels, anime and theatrical adaptation.

The Cuphead-Danganronpa Alliance is an alliance of the Reddit communities of both franchises (r/Cuphead with 102K+ members and r/Danganronpa with 318K+ members) created during the r/place 2023


The idea of the alliance was made between









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