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Name TransPlace
AKA r/transplace
Description TransPlace was originally formed as a centralised area for transgender individuals to co-ordinate their art. The subreddit was moved over to a discord to allow for far easier co-ordination, and kept open after the event. In 2023 the decision was made to continue using this subreddit and discord for r/place 2023, and so preparation began for more artwork to be made.
Subreddit transplace
Twitch trans_place

TransPlace represents the transgender community, which is part of the LGBTQ+ group. It is important to represent the people within this community and the things that they stand for. While original intentions were to make a trans flag, this evolved to including popular artwork and references such as the blahaj. 2023 TransPlace focussed heavily on representing smaller but supportive communities, while still supporting art made within the community.

r/place 2023



Main article: Billy the Slime

Billy was one of the first pieces of art on the flag. This was due to Billy existing during the expansion of the first trans flag, and the community unanimously agreeing to go under billy. When the flag was relocated and the original covered up, Billy was recreated over the new flag.


The following alliances are listed in the rough order of which the alliances were formed, or the artwork was created with the exception of Pikmin and P3ACE being the other way around.

Shared Border and Artwork

The following are alliances that had both a shared border and shared artwork, either on our flag or on their art.


TransPlace's biggest and oldest alliance during 2023 was with PlacePride. This alliance was formed as soon as PlacePride owner and overlay creator Mikarific reached out and showed evidence of r/place happening again, intending to re-ignite the alliance that happened during 2022.

This alliance evolved over time to the joining of P3ACE, creating a network of allies that TransPlace could collaborate with to ensure a starting position on the canvas. The original goal was for TransPlace to create the top border of P3ACE as a whole, with PlacePride directly underneath. In the initial chaos of the overlay not functioning as intended, PlacePride were unable to secure their spot underneath in time, despite efforts from TransPlace to relocate the entire flag to accommodate them.

Because of this mix-up, TransPlace and PlacePride decided to effectively join forces, and created several artworks with the combined forces of their community. During the first expansion, the first pride flag was formed and sustained. during the Second expansion the second trans flag and pride flags were formed next to each other, forming the united flag that would become home to many pieces of art and alliances. Due to this shift the decision was made to stop maintenance of the now progress flag, which was later adopted by communities such as placebutlgbt and egass.

TransPlace kept their TransPlace Logo on the original flag but their pin on the new one, whereas PridePlace left both the PlacePride Logo and pin on the new flags.

In the third expansion an effort was made to collaborate with Geometry Dash on the Pride Barcodes however this did not end up being successful.

The fourth expansion brought a revival to the barcode project, and the land was successfully acquired and maintained for several hours until several streamers tried to create issues despite multiple expansions.


The second formal alliance assumed by TransPlace was with the r/pikmin community, although it took several hours for successful communication between the two groups.

The alliance formed after the relocation of the trans flag would have gone over the existing Pikmin artwork, and after several internal discussions about whether or not to remove it or go around it as well as early attempts to remove it the decision was made to allow the art to stay. This decision was re-enforced after the main r/pikmin community lost their official artwork in another location.

Throughout multiple expansions the Pikmin were able to provide support to TransPlace, both through helping to create new art and through maintaining the original flag which was monumental for redirecting the larger TransPlace resources.

During the first few expansions there was a lot of back and forth between the hiveminds of both communities including some bad-faith actors going between both communities to intentional cause issues. This stabilised over time, and the Pikmin stopped growing into the original flag and the original flag kept to the border that was created.



Rivals of Aether

Chonny Jash

Tally Hall

Tally Hall is an indie rock band. The art consists of the 5 main members of the band each identified by the colour of their tie. Due to them sharing an border with Italy, the art also features the honorary sixth member of the band, Bora (Orange tie), with the colors of the flag of Italy on his face. Additionally the name of the band in the artwork was modified to "ITALLY HALL".

In 2022 Tally Hall bordered the main trans flag and a group of extra members collectively called "Ally Hall" wearing ties colored with various pride flags were built along the border.





During the second expansion, the trans flag and the Technoblade memorial attempted to claim an overlapping area. As a result of quick diplomacy, the flag was build under the memorial. The memorial depicts Technoblade's crown, sword, and cape.

Small Heart

A Small Heart representing the Undertale AU EUC and associated projects made by u/Afraid_Success_4836. Its original location was near Black Company near Outer Wilds' Eye symbol, but that was covered up by other artwork when Outer Wilds abandoned the location. When the canvas expanded for the second time, it was built in the path of the Südflagge, so it was relocated just above it, where the alliance with TransPlace was formed. It was moved around and rebuilt several times to allow other artwork. Hivemind people attempted to change it to various pride flags, but this was fixed with the pride hearts being built around it.

The heart also appeared in 2022's r/place.




HypnoHookup and the Expansion Waiting Room


Philza Early Crew

The Crew

Spider Gwen

South German Flag


Cold Ones / Maxmoefoe

Alliances with a shared border

The following are alliances we shared a border with, but did not share any art directly

Outer Wilds



Eighty Six


Alliances with shared art

The following are alliances who had our artwork on their area

One Piece

Fuck Spez

Alliances with no border or shared artwork

The following are officialised alliances who did not necessarily share a border or artwork, but did contribute to our upkeep or otherwise provide support to us or our allies





My Chemical Romance



Eggy Memes



The Bluey faction assisted the defense of the progressive pride flag, the barcode flags against Columbia and the big aro/ace flags against Russia. Transplace later helped rebuild some of the backdrop of the main Bluey art when they and others were attacked by a large botnet.

South Africa

Place The Wave


Playboi Carti

The Blue Corner



The following are alliances with which very little communication occurred, however support was given from or to TransPlace despite this.

Wilbur Soot
Corridor Crew
"Heart to the left"
Echo VR

Community Contributors and Leaders



Cleo created the initial subreddit and Discord server and has continued to be the owner and leader of the community after place. After several rocky starts within the community, it has grown to be one of the largest trans-oriented spaces on Discord. Several days into r/place Cleo provided faer PC and wifi for streaming the war room for 74h straight.


Emma usually manages the servers used within the community along with being one of the Sr Mods, however during r/place she stepped up to be one of the main organisers in the war room, managing the embassy and canvas changes while co-ordinating with other organisers. On top of this she was originally the only person who could update the template, however this was later changed with some server config changes.


Lana (also known as Timemaster111) is usually a Sr Mod and Minecraft admin within the community. During r/place Lana was the main person that would be turned to during Daycrew, as she would often be the one co-ordinating with the alliances and would organise the queue for pushes and what would need to be done; this also came alongside with doing announcements for each push for pixelart, repairs, etc. As such, Lana became an important individual to be around during Daycrew since she, with Emma, were the main two individuals co-ordinating the rest of the war-room. Lana also created the checkerboard strategy of placing pixels: during coordinated pushes, pixels placed in a checkerboard pattern allows more space to be claimed while also helping guide the general public to fill in the gaps. Lana was also the creator of the "pinkout" rumour that spread through some communities. This was created due to the lack of pink pixels even after the first expansion.


Hecate is another member of the Admin team within the community. During the “dayshift” hours much of her responsibilities involved going through verification during working hours. During the “nightshift” she was responsible for making sure art  was defended in a coordinated manner and relaying embassy information to “dayshift’. She also gave Frog her 10th discord ban.


Elise was the creator of many nightshift jokes, as well as the idea of having a very busy Discord stream while there was less activity going on. She was usually active during nightshift.


Unfortunately due to real-life circumstances Grace was unable to participate much in the war room, however she did join to say hello and motivate people. Grace was the original creator of the war room.




Turtle likely spent the most time speaking on the discord stage during the event. She spent much of that time providing commentary and reminders to eat, drink and sleep! She also counted down hundreds of synchronized pixel placements throughout the event and reminding people to "hold your pickles!", a joke that originated from osu!. She is also known to repeat words in threes such as "yes yes yes!" and "yep yep yep!" which eventually caught on with many people present.


Marcy (also know as Tiger), spent a similar amount of time on the stage as Turtle. Similarly to Turtle, they coordinated many synchronized pushes as well as relaying information from the stage to the notices channel in the discord and the broadcaster, which pings people using the template extension. They kept track of every one of their placed pixels throughout the event which totaled to 807 before the greyout/whiteout. Marcy also created the strategy of clearing "barcodes" from the main placepride flag: by restoring one stripe of the background flag at a time, the general public is more likely to understand that the effort to remove the flag is a coordinated effort and not pushback.


Harlow (also know as Amber) relayed information from the war room to the notices and the general chats in the discord in order to help coordinate pushes with people who may not have been listening the the main stage. Harlow also created the design of Luna and Nathan.


Echo (also know as Eden) was a speaker on the stage alongside others who provided commentary and reminders to eat, sleep and drink! Echo is the self appointed parent of Silvia. Additionally they are known for regularly reminding the stage of the full names of Luna, Silvia, and Nathan.



Guiguig was one of the main speakers during the night shift. She also compiled community requests into the shared music playlist which played in the stage and the twitch stream.

  • Definitely from Quebec. Do not listen if they say British Columbia.
  • Notable skills include FPS Chess.
  • A known fan of Poland's flag.
  • Banned from the discord at least 13 times.

Hidden Help

Pria, Devin and the Verifiers

Pria and Devin each verified hundreds if not thousands of users each, and between the whole verification team over 3000 verification tickets were handled. This is more than the months running up to r/place combined.

Moderation team

Dayshift and Nightshift



In-jokes and memes

The following are jokes that are a direct result of the r/place canvas and the TransPlace War Room



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