Billy the Slime

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Billy the Slime
Name Billy the Slime
Description Billy is a slime character from the Pong Ultimate game, made by Belgium streamer Doigt. Billy was quickly adopted by the TransPlace community due to the design, with multiple colour changes over the course of the event.
Location (167, 79)
Atlas ID 2406
Creator TransPlace

Billy is a character from Pong Ultimate

r/place 2023


Billy was originally created by Doigt's community, to the right of the original trans flag.


Due to the trans flag going over the area of Billy, the choice was made to adopt the slime and rebuild it should the need arise. When the flag was relocated, the community rebuilt Billy as one of the first bits of artwork on the new flag.

Final Result

Billy adopted the bisexual colours and gained a crown. Billy otherwise was left completely intact by the end of r/place due to the love for them.


Over the r/place event's duration, the members of TransPlace created several pieces of backstory and lore for Billy, including their story of self development.


The TransPlace Discord server has a "Billy appreciation channel"

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