Shiny Mew

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Place2022 ShinyMewFinalCanvas.png
Shiny Mew
Name Shiny Mew
Description A sprite image of the Pokémon Mew in its shiny form.
Location (1395, 743)
Area 250 pixels
Atlas ID tx5k6w
Creator Pokemon in r/Place

Shiny Mew is an artwork created by the Pokemon in r/Place Discord for the 2022 r/place iteration. Located in the 1st expansion at the coordinates (1395, 743), it depicts the Pokémon Mew in its shiny form floating on a pink background.


Mew originates from Pokémon, one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time. Mew was introduced in Generation 1 as a Mythical Psychic-Type.


The artwork depicts a floating Mew. Typically, Mew has a light pink color. But in the artwork shows their shiny form, which is a light blue. A notable other feature is Mew’s tail which briefly swings right before whipping around behind them.


To be added.


Shiny Mew is paired with Goomy, who neighbors Mew to the right. Goomy is a fellow Pokémon that was maintained by the Pokemon in r/Place community together with Mew.

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