Rust Cog

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Rust Cog.png
Rust Cog
Name Rust Cog
Description The symbol of the Rust Programming Language, a black Cog with an R inside
Location (493,1579)
Atlas ID twmg9x
Creator Rust

The logo of the Rust Programming Language. It made an appearance in r/place 2017, and came back during the third day of r/place 2022.


Rust was allied with foxhole, and helped them build their new image in the third quadrant during the third day. Much discussion took place in the discord server with regards to making a new piece of art, but most people considered it a worthless task, since the common belief was that they would not be able to hold it through the night. It was also mentioned that all the places adjacent to Foxhole (The safest area for rust) were already taken, by others like Baby metal below it (Who actually ended up losing that ground). However, one user (And his many, many alts) disregarded the leadership's orders and made a rust cog to the left of the new foxhole art all on his own. He then negotiated with r/waifubartending, but they refused a peaceful resolution that would include the circle around the R. After a couple hours of fighting, a diplomatic breakthrough was made and a peaceful resolution was made. It would go on to have a mostly peaceful third and fourth days.

Final Result

The finalized art, allied with Jill
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