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RotMG Nexus.png
RotMG Nexus
Name RotMG Nexus
Description A depiction of several sprites from the game Realm of the Mad God; picture was taken a few hours before the Great Whiteout.
Location (510, 877)
Atlas ID 000218
Creator Realm of the Mad God

The RotMG Nexus is the first area of the r/place 2022 canvas claimed by the community of the video game Realm of the Mad God. This area displays various game sprites, such as those for all 18 playable character classes. The name of this area comes from the hub area of the game, the Nexus, as the community saw it as a "home base" due to it being the first RotMG area claimed.

r/place 2022


Day 1

How the RotMG Nexus looked on Day 1. This image was taken some time around 22:46.

This was the very first area the RotMG community claimed on the r/place 2022 canvas, with pixels being placed down in the area as early as 0:56.

The RotMG community's first allies were Fish Cult, who gave up some space to the right of the area for expansion; the Rogue was built on top of previous Fish Cult territory. To express thanks for the alliances, four orange fish were placed in the Nexus at 8:04.

A small asexual pride flag was originally in the way of the Nexus' expansion downwards. The small group of friends who created the flag reached out to the RotMG community, and they worked together to rebuild the flag close by, to the right of the Warrior.

A mini Oryx artwork was created to the right of the artwork from r/asciicker, in a disconnected space. This area was extended to also include a Kensei. A "candy cane"-like design, below the artwork from r/asciicker, was destroyed to connect up the two RotMG areas.

The "sliming" event. An older layout for the Nexus on Day 1 can also be seen.

Between 9:50 to 16:32, the playable classes in the Nexus were "slimed" by some of the community. Their artwork was modified to depict the Slime skin variations for each of the classes. One of the employees working on the game, Deca_Triton, actively participated in sliming the classes.

A community to the right of the asexual pride flag, who had put down the letters "SCCA", had been trying to expand their borders, pushing against not only the RotMG Nexus but its allies. After users from that community started trying to expand the asexual flag into the RotMG Nexus, the RotMG community and its allies decided to destroy the "SCCA" artwork at 17:11 due to concerns that it would continue attempting to attack the surrounding areas. In its place, a "fish tank" inspired by the nearby Fish Cult artwork was created. Two of the fish in the Nexus were moved into the tank to free up space for more artwork in the Nexus.

Day 2

How the RotMG Nexus looked on Day 2. This image was taken some time around 47:51. Some sort of logo, possibly from a streamer, can be seen covering nearby allied artwork and the fish tank.

Day 3

Day 4

The state of the Nexus just before the Great Whiteout, showing heavy damage and a partial logo from streamer Im_Dontai.


The artwork features several sprites from Realm of the Mad God, drawn using the r/place palette. Originally, the playable classes were depicted in the Nexus as their older game textures, from before the game's sprites were updated in Exalt Version They were later changed to match their current textures.

Annotated legend with labels for each art, for convenience.

Playable classes

  • Wizard: A blue-robed staff user who can deal heavy damage using spells.
  • Knight: An armored sword user who can stun enemies using his shield, and is one of the most iconic classes in the game.
  • Rogue: A dagger user that can evade enemies with his invisibility cloak, making dungeon rushing a breeze.
  • Archer: A bow wielder who can use magical arrows from his quiver to inflict status effects, like Slow or Paralyze.
  • Priest: A white-robed wand user who can use the power of his spell tome to heal both himself and his allies.
  • Warrior: An armored sword user who can rally allies with his helmet, granting them 25% extra attack speed.
  • Assassin: A dagger user who can throw poisons to deal damage over time.
  • Necromancer: A purple-robed staff user who can absorb enemy health and distribute it to himself and his allies, channeling power through a skull.
  • Trickster: A dagger user who can teleport and create distracting decoys using a prism she holds.
  • Sorcerer: A red-robed wand user who can blast enemies with chain lightning, using his scepter.
  • Paladin: A golden-clad sword user who can use his magical seal to buff himself and allies.
  • Ninja: A katana user who can hold his shuriken to run quicker, releasing it to damage enemies.
  • Mystic: A blue-robed staff user that can use the powers of her mystical orb to either freeze enemies in time, or curse them to take more damage.
  • Samurai: A katana user that can expose enemies with his wakizashi side arm, reducing their defense.
  • Huntress: A bow user that can lay traps to slow and paralyze enemies that walk across them.
  • Bard: A bow user that gives allies inspiration with the songs from his lute, increasing their defense and range.
  • Summoner: A wand user that commands summoned creatures with her mace, able to direct them to any spot on the field.
  • Kensei: A katana user that, powered by his sheath, can dash at enemies to attack them, dealing more damage the more times enemies are hit.


  • Archbishop Leucoryx: The archbishop of the Mad God, Oryx, and one of the 4 possible bosses that are encountered first in the Oryx's Sanctuary endgame dungeon.
  • Oryx the Mad God: The head of the main antagonist of the game. In this artwork, he is depicted in his Exalted form, which he enters during the fight with him in the Oryx's Sanctuary endgame dungeon. This fight is referred to by players as "Oryx the Mad God 3" or "O3" to differentiate it from the 2 previous Oryx fights beforehand.


  • White Bag: An iconic tier of loot bag that usually contains very rare and sought-after untiered (UT) items.
  • Craig: A Magic Sprite who serves as the friendly Intern of the Mad God, left in charge of the Court of Oryx, which is a hub for several boss-only dungeons.
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