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Name Ookami Chatbot Project
Description Collaboration of Ookami (Chatbot) and Fech the ferret (videogame character) of r/Place2023
Location -780, -991

Ookami (japanese: Wolf) is a popular germanbased chat-bot, created 27.08.2020 by wolfskind.

Sorry for all the white space here, but it is very late in my area and I want to finish this wiki.

Please scroll down to see the history of the collaboration of the Ookami chatbot community, r/Greenlattice community and Fech the Ferret (videogame character)



The Start


When r/place started, wolfskind himself started to try writing and defending a small 13x3 pixelsquare spelling only "OKA". At the start it was nearly impossible to have it visible more than two minutes. Some active users of the chat-bot volunteered to help and so a small group started defending a small square with 3 letters. After relocating a few times and being painted over by a crying pink pig, they finally found their first place to stay and formed a short lived alliance with r/Greenday, because everything was been painted over soon after with a Swedish flag and they had to relocate again...

The Kat Kami Fight

People spelling KAT ontop of OKAMI and hijacking OKAMIs O, turning it into a flower.
OKAMI fight against people hijacking the O to spell KAT KAMI

When wolfskind heard that the northern flag of Germany at the top of the canvas is open for smaller communities, he decided to try his luck there and started to write out the full name of the project, since there was enough space. Then he went to sleep.

A group of 3 people hijacked the OKAMI Text and spelled the new words KAT KAMI, by changing OKAMIs O into a flower. Meanwhile next door, the r/Greenlattice group expanded their area and painted a small pink creature above this scenery.

The next day, the Ookami community saw the mess and started to change it back to OKAMI and trying to build a silent alliance with the KAT people, by building a flower ontop of the O, which got ignored and a half day of bullying eachother by messing up the opponents text.

Green Lattice

Shortly after reaching out to r/GreenLattice, a new alliance has been made and OKAMI officially was part of the Green Lattice community. OKAMI agreed to take care of the small creature, which was then known as Fech the ferret to us. We suggested removing the KAT people entirely and including more detail and love into Fech and combining our both artworks to one, which turned out super cute.

Near Death

Both communities of this alliance did a great job at defending the artworks. (Thanks to FireStryker).

When Reddit announced the final countdown, the German community decided to claim back some of the areas of their northern flag, by removing stuff that is not real art or does not fit into the flag. The OKAMI community was shaking, when the result showed that the OKAMI and FECH artwork was voted out and was planned to be removed by the Germans...

The sad but kind of good news are, that due to a massive botattack on several artworks of the mainflag of germany, kept their userbase busy rebuilding, until Reddit started the whiteout. Therefore, the story of the collaboration of a wolf and a ferret has its end.

Fan Art

A artwork, generated by an AI. A comic girl cuddling a cute ferret.
Ookami and Fech the ferret artwork, generated by wolfskinds local AI for Artworks.

Wolfskind loves programming and exploring the IT. For a year, he is experimenting with Artificial Intelligences.

So he thought, Why not give my local Art generating AI a try, to generate something adorable.

Maybe, in the unknown depth of the future, in another r/place event, OKAMI and FECH will meet again.

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