Normandy SR2

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Normandy SR2.png
Normandy SR2
Name Normandy SR2
Description Normandy SR2 from the video game Mass Effect 3
Location (819, 1007)
Area 590 pixels
Atlas ID twv3ef
Creator Mass Effect

The SSV Normandy SR2 is a stealth frigate spaceship that is used by Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect 3 video game. In Mass Effect 2, the ship was built by and flew under the black and orange colors of Cerberus as Shepard worked with them to stop the Collectors. When Shepard surrendered to the Systems Alliance between games 2 and 3, the Alliance commandeered the ship as it was based on the design of their original SSV Normandy SR1. Upgrades and repairs were made by the Alliance and it was repainted in their colors before Commander Shepard was ordered back to the Citadel when the Reapers invaded Earth.

r/place 2022


When the first expansion occurred, speculation that there would be another expansion to the south began. The decision was made to refrain from trying to make more art on the first expansion and focus on the area that was being maintained. A second expansion would open the canvas directly below the N7 Logo and make another piece of art easier to defend by being in the same area. That was when discussion of the Normandy SR2 began.

The design for the Normandy SR2 was created at 3:25 pm EDT on April 2nd. It remained largely unchanged throughout r/place 2022 once the background color was chosen at 10:17 pm EDT the same day. At this point, everyone involved was eager to see another expansion so that the plan could come to fruition. There had been very little problems creating the N7 logo so no one expected an issue with building the Normandy. Just after 3:00 pm EDT April 3rd, the canvas did indeed expand and work began.


Black rows were created to claim Normandy space

A major issue quickly arose. The country of Italy began creating another flag in the area directly below the N7 logo. The Mass Effect team fought to put up the outline for the Normandy but Italy easily overran the area with green pixels. Negotiations to put the Normandy on their flag as art failed. Additionally, work on the Normandy's engines was being undone by the Mass Effect Keepers (the designation for team members who were not active in the Discord and continuously held the line no matter what) who kept reverting the area to black. At 4:27 pm EDT, u/redsleepinggrass made the suggestion to let the Keepers extend the black border of the N7 logo to the south to carve out an area large enough for the Normandy and attempt to put it in later. It was the nuclear option because there was no way of knowing whether the Keepers would relinquish the black later, but the order was given and the space started turning black immediately. It wasn't long before black extended to row 1019.

Final Result

Finished Normandy SR2

At 5:44 pm EDT Italy finally returned to negotiations and conceded the rows 1017 and above. The design was adjusted to have less border so that it would fit in this area and work began at 6:12 pm EDT. The N7 logo was moved up and given a smaller border to give the Normandy additional space as well. It was completed within the hour and lasted until the end of r/place 2022.

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