N7 Logo

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N7 Logo
Name N7 Logo
Description N7 is the ranking achieved by Commander Shepard in Mass Effect.
Location (821, 991)
Area 520 pixels
Atlas ID twvbwg
Creator Mass Effect

N7 is a military designation in the Mass Effect video game series. 'N' refers to special forces and '7' means one has reached the highest rank. The protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard, is an N7 designated officer in the Systems Alliance.

r/place 2022

Original N7 logo created in r/place 2022

At 9:36 am EDT on April 1st, 36 minutes into r/place 2022, a post was made by u/fars3757 on r/masseffect about attempting to recreate the N7 logo that was on r/place 2017. Based on a black line that had already started to form, the choice was made to start the top left corner at coordinate 801,984.

The black outline went up quickly for the logo, but it quickly became apparent that there were other groups attempting to utilize the same space.  After sending dozens of messages to the users that were placing those pixels, the owners of the Pig, the Duck, and the Carrot reached agreements to relocate with our assistance and protection going forward.  By 1:00 pm EDT the N7 logo was complete and focus shifted to maintaining it while attempting to help allies.  In the mean time, our Keepers expanded the left black border to 6 pixels wide and would not let anything else be built there though we tried multiple times to let other groups take that space.

First Expansion
Recolored N7 logo with shading

With expansions came additional colors and the decision was made at 9:43 pm EDT on April 2nd to add a 3D effect to the logo with shading.  Shading didn't start until around 10:00 am EDT April 3rd but was completed fairly quickly.    

Final Result
Final version of N7 logo created in r/place 2022

The newer reds seemed to match the actual N7 logo much better than the original so both of them were changed to reflect this.  The entire logo shifted up and the border was adjusted to one pixel to make room for the Normandy SR2 below to satisfy the terms of an agreement that was reached with Italy.

At 11:21 am EDT on April 4th, the reds were updated with the newest additional color option to match the N7 armor stripe and be more accurate to the color of the real logo.

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