Mass Relay

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Mass Relay.png
Mass Relay
Name Mass Relay
Description Device used for interstellar travel in Mass Effect video game trilogy
Location (835, 981)
Area 81 pixels
Atlas ID 000051
Creator Mass Effect

A Mass Relay is a device in Mass Effect used for rapid interstellar travel. Ships in Mass Effect are often equipped with FTL drives, but a relay can connect one star system to another in nearly an instant, cutting FTL travel time considerably. Residents of the Milky Way galaxy were under the impression that these devices were built by a race of aliens called the Protheans who lived 50,000 years before the events of the trilogy. Commander Shepard, protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy, learns their true nature as part of the first game.

r/place 2022


First version of the Relay

There was little space available around the N7 Logo, but members of the Mass Effect team were interested in making more art. A few ideas were voted on and it was decided that the simple design for a Mass Relay would be the best choice. It went onto the canvas fairly quickly, beginning at 12:56 am EDT on April 2nd and being completed at 1:10 am EDT.


Final Mass Relay

There were slight changes over the remainder of r/place 2022, and the center color changed often, possibly as a reference to the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, but discord members decided to keep the center color closer to the blue of a regularly operating relay in the trilogy.

Final Result

The Mass Relay survived until the end of r/place 2022.

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