Greendale Flag

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Greendale Flag
Name Greendale Flag
Description The flag of the fictional community college, Greendale, from the show Community. #sixseasonsandamovie
Location 1866, 1492
Atlas ID twp374
Creator r/community

The Greendale Community College flag originates from the show, Community. Its first appearance in the show was in Season 2 Episode 4, "Basic Rocket Science", as a submission by the study group for the Greendale School Flag Contest. It is meant to represent an anus, or the "crossroad of ideas" as the study group put it. The flag ended up winning the contest, and became a symbol for the fictional community college throughout the rest of the series.

r/place 2022


The flag was created by r/community and members of the r/community place Discord server. Despite many relocations, the main design of the flag stayed the same. The "crossroads of ideas" in the center with a light blue background. The first version of the flag featured the flag's motto, "E Pluribus Anus". The second version featured an 8 bit version of the character Abed from Season 3 Episode 20, "Digital Estate Planning". The third and final version was relatively basic with a shadow on the right side.


On the third day of r/place, the first version of the flag was taken over by Morocco. The flag relocated over the Gigachad soon after. Later the second version of the flag was taken over by a Polish streamer, forcing the flag to relocate once again to the left side of the Gigachad. Despite some invasion scares, the third version of the flag remained intact.

Final Result

The version of the flag that remained for the rest of r/place. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

The third version of the flag remained until the Great Whiteout.

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