Code Lyoko Eye of X.A.N.A

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Code Lyoko Eye of X.A.N.A
Name Code Lyoko Eye of X.A.N.A.
Description Eye of X.A.N.A in r/place 2022
Location (1194,877)
Atlas ID twsilc
Creator r/CodeLyoko

An eye of X.A.N.A. symbol from the french television series Code Lyoko. Created by a group of Individuals from the r/CodeLyoko subreddit.

r/place 2022


Originally Created by two individuals from the r/CodeLyoko subreddit in a small corner next to r/PlaceStart's Windows Taskbar during the start of r/place 2022.


It was quickly destroyed by a tiktok community called onehorse. Eventually being destroyed by r/bluecorner with only a screenshot ever being taken. The artwork was then expanded and re-created with the help of r/PlaceFrance.

Final Result

The artwork was fully intact for the final day of the event and The Great Whiteout.

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