Avicii Tribute

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Avicii Tribute
Name Avicii Tribute
Description The logo of Avicii, with the year he was born, 1989, to the year he died, 2018.
Location 757, 81
Atlas ID 000014
Creator The Nordic Union

Tim Bergling (8 September 1989 – 20 April 2018), known professionally as Avicii, was a famous Swedish DJ and electronic dance music artist, with hits such as "Wake Me Up", "Levels", and "The Nights".

This tribute to Avicii, using his logo, appeared on the first day of r/place 2022, under the collaboration of members from r/Avicii and r/Place_Nordicunion.

r/place 2022

Inspiration & Concept

Avicii's logo, which he used throughout his career, serving as the symbol to memorialize the artist on r/place.
A screenshot from the Nordic Union discord, showing iDawg's original proposal for an Avicii tribute on the Swedish flag, with an image of a very rough draft.
The second tribute draft.

The original idea for an Avicii tribute was conceptualized by the r/Avicii user iDawg on the Nordic Union discord. Sentiment toward the proposal was generally positive, gaining support among the Swedish people of the Nordic Union, as Avicii was regarded as an icon in the country.

The concept underwent various modifications before being pushed onto the Swedish flag, as seen on the left. The location was changed to be underneath the Kurzgesagt artwork, and the logo colors were modified to fit the art style of designs on the flag, which incorporated the colors of the Swedish flag itself, along with shading.


The Avicii logo was pushed onto the Swedish flag on the first day of r/place 2022 with an announcement made by Magnor on the Nordic Union discord. Due to the small nature of the artwork, the creation of the Avicii tribute was relatively quick, and stayed throughout the existence of r/place. Members of r/Avicii also contributed to the creation of the tribute when it was known to them.

Throughout the next two days of r/place, the Avicii tribute was relatively stable, but experienced small trolling and vandalism on the years corresponding to Avicii's birth and death, seen below. Due to the numbers being a single pixel thick, users were allowed to easily change the numbers on the years making them incorrect, making "1889" and "2818" as an example. However, these attacks were easily defended by other users, likely from the Nordic Union, fixing the years to be correct. Fortunately, the correct years are seen in the final image of r/place before the Great Whiteout.

A screenshot of the Avicii tribute being vandalized, showing the incorrect years of Avicii's birth and death on 2 April 2022, 8:00 AM EST.
A screenshot form the Nordic Union discord, announcing the push for the Avicii tribute onto the Swedish flag on 1 April 2022, 4:30 PM EST.

Final Result

The final and fixed image of the Avcii tribute.

The final rendition of the Avicii tribute on r/place 2022 is noticeably different compared to the concept pushed by the Nordic Union on the first day. The black borders are seen surrounding every part of the logo, more shading was introduced with the addition of more colors on day two and day three, and shading was introduced on the years corresponding to Avicii's birth and death in an effort to combat vandalism, which was inspired by the number shading found on the Daft Punk tribute.

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