Alliance of New York Institutions

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Alliance of New York Institutions
Name Alliance of New York Institutions
Description Students mostly from universities within New York State, but also one university in California, two universities in New Jersey, and 5 smaller communities not affiliated with education.
Subcommunities Stony Brook University,New York University,Columbia University,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Rochester Institute of Technology,University of Rochester,Cornell University,Binghamton University,University at Buffalo,Hunter College,Clarkson University,Fordham University,University of Southern California,Stevens Institute of Technology,New Jersey Institute of Technology,OpenGeofiction,C,Warfname,K,Innovation Inc. Thermal Power Plant
Artwork Alliance of New York Institutions (artwork)

The Alliance of New York Institutions [ANYI] formed for r/place 2022. It was founded by members from Stony Brook University (SBU); and made up of members from New York University (NYU), Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the University of Rochester (UofR), Cornell University, Binghamton University (BU), University at Buffalo (UB), Hunter College, Clarkson University, and Fordham University, in alliance with students from other states such as the University of Southern California (USC), Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), and other smaller factions represented in the top right and bottom left corner regions.

These other factions included OpenGeofiction (OGF; alternatively nicknamed "Blobglobe" by r/place alliance members, a website to create fictional maps), C (Cadre Club, a gaming YouTube channel), Warfname (a gaming YouTube channel), K (a sole user named Kaz who wanted a spot on r/place), and for a short time, Innovation Inc. Thermal Power Plant (IITPP, a game on ROBLOX).


Pre-Alliance: 01 April 2022

On Friday, April 1st, Reddit user u/yikesxX1000 posted a pixel-art design of the Stony Brook University logo of a shield onto r/SBU[1], asking for other students to add the logo on r/place. As a result of this, several SBU students began to form the first version of the logo, located at (277, 136); next to Homestuck and the Nordic Union. At the same time, the Discord server for ANYI was formed, but it was exclusively for only SBU students.

While the shield was built, an agreement with Homestuck was reached to continue to build in the location. However, there was never an agreement struck with the Nordic Union.

That night, the Stony Brook logo was completed.[2] Unfortunately, a few hours later, the logo was taken over[3] by the Nordic Union.

Formation of ANYI: 02 April 2022

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Growth of ANYI: 03 April 2022

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The End: 04 April 2022

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