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Lucario (Final Clean).png
Name Lucario
Description A transparent image of the Pokémon Lucario as seen on the Final Clean.
Location (1168, 1819)
Area 243 pixels
Atlas ID tx54x1
tx54x1 redirect is missing (What does this mean?)
Creator Pokemon in r/Place

Lucario, nicknamed Blue, is an artwork created during the 2022 r/place iteration. Located at the 2nd expansion at the coordinates (1186, 1819), it depicts the Pokémon Lucario standing at the corner of Chelsea’s flag.


Lucario originates from Pokémon, one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time. Lucario was introduced in Generation 4 as a Fighting/Steel-Type.


The artwork depicts Lucario as they appear in the games. They have red eyes and yellow chest hair with a small spike on their chest and hand. They have a black snout and feet, blue ears, and a mixture of black and blue fur everywhere else.


To be added.


  • Chelsea
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