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4 May 2022

22 April 2022

  • curprev 06:1706:17, 22 April 2022Tetizeraz talk contribs 2,782 bytes +723 Stub for a future section featuring relevant sites, youtubers, etc that covered the r/place 2022 event. This could help find reliable sources for hobby-specific or nation-specific communities. Tag: 2017 source edit

14 April 2022

12 April 2022

9 April 2022

8 April 2022

  • curprev 15:0815:08, 8 April 2022Geekahedron talk contribs 363 bytes +2 →‎r/place 2022
  • curprev 15:0815:08, 8 April 2022Geekahedron talk contribs 361 bytes +361 Created page with "== r/place 2022 == r/place 2022 was an event that took place on Reddit from April 1 to April 4, 2022. The first instance of r/place occurred in [r/place 2017|2017]. During the event, a shared canvas of pixels appeared on the [https://reddit.com/r/place r/place] subreddit on Reddit, upon which users could each place a single pixel of color every five minutes."
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