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Name r/JetLagTheGame
AKA Jet Lag: The Game
Description Nebula & YouTube travel game show by Wendover Productions
Subreddit JetLagTheGame
Discord https://discord.gg/jetlag
Website https://go.nebula.tv/jetlag

Jet Lag: The Game (abbreviated as JLTG) is a travel game show created by Wendover Productions that began releasing on May 25, 2022. Making r/place 2023 the first r/place for the show. A substantial fanbase has formed since release, enabling efforts to place the show onto r/place.

The efforts from Jet Lag: The Game on r/place are often compared to a challenge seen in season 4 episode 5 called "ineffectively advertise Jet Lag: The Game." Where players need to advertise the show, similar to r/place efforts due to the large traffic and notable placement of artwork.


Early discussions about a possible featuring of Jet Lag: The Game in r/place 2023 began on May 27, 2023 after code for r/place was discovered.[1]

The work was briefly featured in streamer Ludwig's stream, who was a major contributor to r/place 2022. Though he did not participate in 2023.[2]


The first art from Jet Lag: The Game was the logo, work began immediately as r/place 2023 began. Later it was decided to add the abbreviation of the name to the sides of the logo in reference to the official logo. Afterwards, work began on a shinkansen train in reference to the victory train in the finale of season 6. Though work would be impeded by r/fuckcars attempting to build a parking lot surrounding the logo.

Halfway through, Twitch streamer Cellbit organized a void in the area of the logo in order to place his own design. The logo and train quickly became consumed by fans of the powerful streamer.[3]

A second attempt to remake the logo took place shortly after, with the design only including the logo due to space constraints. It was quickly realized that the design clashed with art from r/PuddingsUtopia, but an agreement was later made to incorporate artwork from both communities. This art would later be destroyed by r/PlaceNL due to it slightly intruding into their flag, in addition to their attempt at expanding their flag.


The final attempt for the logo was successful, with the opportunity to create the closest art depiction of the actual logo. It included the core logo as well as the words "Jet Lag The Game" styled similar to the official logo. A shinkansen train was later added similar to the JLTG logo art.

r/ireland threatened this design multiple times, first by pushing their flag towards the art. Though an alliance was quickly formed, a group of unaffiliated members destroyed the shinkansen. Many members of r/ireland disagreed with official plans from their group, having a hate towards the art being on their flag. Even though the Jet Lag art was in that location first. An agreement was made to create an pint of Guinness under the logo, while attempts at recreating the shinkansen continued. A new design incorporating the shinkansen and DART train above the logo was positively received by the Irish. Before a design with an Aer Lingus plane above the logo was executed instead. Efforts to incorporate the shinkansen with this design failed, with a heart made to signify the alliance instead. The pint of Guinness was later removed, while shadows were added to the logo.

Efforts for a logo of the gas station chain Buc-ee's began after the 2nd expansion on the morning of July 22, 2023. This was a reference to a notable moment in episode 3 of season 4 of the show where a challenge required visiting a Buc-ee's. Though work on the logo was abandoned after threatening action to the main Jet Lag: The Game art.



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r/albania Non aggression pact
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