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r/place 2022

Although 5 years ago the vegan communities had made a lot of artwork, this year the primary goal was activism.

Banners and QR codes

Vegan banners had a lot of griefing due to being confrontational. There has been numerous attempts at establishing a stable banner. Out of the 8 attempts at creating a banner, 2 of them succeeded and made it to the end. There were 5 attempts at creating QR codes, 2 of them made it to the final image.


1st Dominion Banner

Cords: 449, 761


1st Dominion banner, between the hearts and the Formula 1 teams

Vegan r/place had humble beginnings. With only a few dozen dedicated people they managed to secure a spot. They had to fight with the place hearts and the F1 community at first but later came to an agreement. The end of this banner was caused by a car streamer writing "FORZA FERRARI!!" on the banner.

2nd Dominion Banner

vegans and 100 gecs vibing together

Cords:666, 478


Vegans formed an alliance with 100 gecs here. However the banner was half destroyed by UK colonialism.

Go Vegan Banner

Cords: 702, 477


The remaining half of the 2nd Dominion banner was turned into "Go Vegan"

3rd Dominion Banner

vegans, nyan cat and furries alliance

Cords: 349, 205


Here they formed an alliance with Nyan cat and furries, got digested by the void then they undigested themselves. This banner was destroyed because it was abandoned after the first canvas expansion happened.

4th Dominion Banner

Cords: 1772, 206; 1940,887

Lifespan: idk-the end

Deltarune(left and top left), Raspberry(behind the text) and The Expance(sorry i forgot to include you in the screenshot)

After the expansion the troops moved over to claim a new and bigger spot. A new alliance was also formed; a streamer called Tsumyka's community. They wanted to make the logo of their discord server on the canvas. So they worked together. The banner had at first another link besides Dominon: However, the community decided that is a better and more objective documentary than and it was removed from the banner. Instead, the Dominion link was made bigger. Alliances were also formed with r/deltarune and r/TheExpance. This banner was later wiped out by german colonialism.

The vegoons moved to above the blue corner, taking thee raspberry with them and formed an alliance with The University of Connecticut, who made a husky pixel art. This banner survived till the end.

"Vegan, btw" banner

vegan & r/transplace alliance

Cords: 702, 477

Lifespan: idk

The Go vegan was changed into "Vegan, btw" (because that's funnier, it's a gimmick from the subreddit r/vegancirclejerk) by attacking a bri'sh restaurant called greggs. An alliance was formed with r/transplace. Later the banner got wiped out and greggs took the place back.

1st QR code

Cords: 1615, 971


This QR code led to It did not survive until the end

turtle(left bottom corner), penguin(in the O) and the Pepe memorial(left of cow)

5th Dominion Banner

Cords: 1650, 1620

Lifespan:idk-the end

The 2nd expansion happened so an even bigger banner was made on the new land. Alliances were formed with the tiny turtle in the left bottom corner, and a penguin who was placed in the second O in "Dominion". Pepe The Frog suddenly appeared on the banner and started petting the cow. The vegan r/place discord server decided to not fight them and let them pet the cow. Later when they left they made a memorial in the form of a frog pixel art.

This banner was the largest banner and survived until the end.

2nd QR code

Cords: 1380, 1930


The QR code leads to:

It survived until the end.

3rd QR code



The QR code led to:

It was later changed into the 4th QR code.

4th QR code

Cords: 1860, 70


The QR code leads to: It was at first on the left of the 2nd QR code but was destroyed by a streamer. It was moved to the location of the 3rd QR code. This QR code survived until the end.


impact on Dominion views during r/place

The r/place activism has created:

  • 31.000 views on (see
  • 114.000 views on
  • 11.000 views on


2017 r/place

In 2017 r/place vegans made a sign saying r/vegan. They allied with r/avoarmy.

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