The Last Supper

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thelastsupper - canvas.png
The Last Supper
Name The Last Supper
Description A pixelated depiction of da Vinci's The Last Supper.
Location (959,1096)
Atlas ID twl873
Creator r/Italy

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci depicts Jesus with the Twelve Apostles after announcing that one of the apostles will betray him. The real mural is located in Milan, Italy.

r/place 2022



Final Result

The version of The Last Supper from r/thefinalclean.

This artwork by a highway lane and the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Thomas, James the Greater, and Philip are obscured by the bridge splitting the artwork, but otherwise the other apostles are clearly depicted. From left to right, there is Bartholomew, James, Andrew, Judas Iscariot, Peter, John, Jesus, Thomas, James the Greater, Philip, Matthew, Jude Thaddeus, and Simon the Zealot.

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