The Game Theorist Logo

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The Game Theorist Logo
Name The Game Theorist Logo
Description The Logo of the youtube channel The Game Theorist with the colours of Film Theorist (Red) and Food theorist (yellow)
Location 883, 1808 (4th and final)
Atlas ID twtgq8
Creator creator page

Game Theory is a YouTube channel created by MatPat.

/r/place 2022


Created by the Game Theorist Reddit and Discord members, construction began at about 16:00 BST on 1st April.


Whilst this is a relatively small artwork the Logo experience a lot of conflict resulting in its final position being the 4th location used. The first was destroyed before it could be finished by the Israel flag. The second location was held for the longest but was contested a lot by the Argentina football club Boca juniors before finally being destroyed by the Paraguay and Bolivia flags. The 3rd was destroyed by streamer xqr creating a giant Naruto right on top. The 4th survived until the end with only one major void occuring.

Final Result

Survived until the white out. Had a presence on the canvas for about 80 hours

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