Servus Dei

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Servus Dei
Name Servus Dei
Description The largest Catholic Discord server.
Subreddit CatholicHumor
Discord .gg/Catholic
Artwork Titulus Crucis

Servus Dei (Latin for "servant of God") is a Discord server that organized the effort to ensure Jesus' representation on the canvas, including the Titulus, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and other religious imagery on the canvas. By the end of the event, the Titulus Crucis remained on the canvas for over 40 hours.

r/place 2022


Titulus Crucis

Main article: Titulus Crucis

Servus Dei created and maintained the Titulus Crucis, which is a plaque that Roman soldiers put on the Cross above Jesus during the Crucifixion.


The great alliance was established by the group's representatives, u/RosaryPursuit and u/WorthwhileWayfarer, both of whom received the "Prince of Servus Dei" role for their great contributions to the cause.

Members of this alliance include:


Initial Interest in r/place

The effort to create the Titulus Crucis on r/Place began when various groups of Catholic redditors started discussing the creation of the Vatican flag. However, no groups began organizing before April 1, leading many to give up on the flag effort before it even started. Then, on April 2 after the first canvas expansion, u/VoidZapper went to Servus Dei, a server he moderates, asking, "Yo does anyone want to do the Vatican flag on r/Place?" He suggested they simply try to "get Jesus on the board" with an easy-to-construct and easy-to-defend design. Various members showed interest, and he then informed them that he'd already started and had two yellow tiles placed.

u/VoidZapper communicated with two other Discord servers about the project Servus Dei started, but very few individuals outside of Servus Dei voiced any interest.

Deciding on the Art

Before anyone had a clue of what to actually create, u/CatholicMemer (one of the admins of the server) suggested writing INRI, as it was "simple and doable." Immediately, u/VoidZapper created a few basic reference images for the group. Redditors unaffiliated with this project, believing this to be another Ukrainian flag, began adding more yellow than necessary, leading to a re-design.

Server Structure

By the end of r/Place 2022, Servus Dei had utilized its general chat, a dedicated thread, and a new channel dedicated to this effort. Members who participated temporarily received the "Illustrator" reward role to receive pings during the event, and afterwards they permanently received the "Servants of Jesus, King of the Jews (INRI)" role.

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